White House accidentally sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats again – TheHill

Either this White House is playing five dimensional Chess or they couldn’t win a game of tiddlywinks, I think the latter.

This is a president who said he would be stealth and never announce ahead of time what he’s going to do because that would inform the enemy. I guess sending your plans directly to the enemy must be some kind of mind trick or just plain stupidity. I haven’t seen a story move so quickly as the story of Trump’s impeachment. it’s no longer whether or not he will be impeached but rather whether or not he will be removed from office.

He is throwing people under the bus left and right. First you made sure to implicate Pence, then Rick Perry and pompeo. He’s giving Rudy Giuliani the Michael Cohen treatment. As he was screaming outside is helicopter going to Louisiana today when asked if we’re did Giuliani was his attorney he said weirdly that he was in the past and was a very good attorney at that. you change just a couple of words from Michael Kahn, he said that Michael Cohen was a good man something that he would go on and on and on about on Twitter with Michael Cohen turned on him.

I think all of this blundering, all of this deceit and his tragic decision to tell turkey’s erdogan that it was okay to attack the Kurds in Syria are all adding up and his jury, the Senate, is getting very tired of him. Sure, Mitch McConnell said that he controlled whether or not the trial took a long time but Nancy Pelosi decides how long the testimony last and that’s what was the end of Nixon.

He kept wishing the Prime Minister of Japan, Abe, a happy birthday but it wasn’t the prime minister’s birthday it wasn’t fact Vladimir Putin’s. And as a great big birthday gift to his bestie he allowed for the genocide of the Kurdish people are steadfast allies and for that there will be a very very warm place in hell for both Trump and Putin. I hope they enjoy it there.


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