US diplomat’s wife, 42, who ‘ran over and killed’ British teen is Anne Sacoolas – Daily Mail

I understand the need for diplomatic immunity. The Vienna convention which decided how all this works in 1961 said diplomats from foreign countries have diplomatic immunity. Whether or not that immunity then goes on to their family members has always been a question mark.

In this case the wife of a quasi diplomat is involved in a horrific killing of a 19 year old young man. Police report says that she was driving on the wrong side of the road 400 feet before hitting the young man. I’m not there and I’m not a judge but that she fled the country like that speaks a lot about her in her guilt. The reports hard hat are husband and only been in the UK for 3 weeks and I know they drive on the wrong side of the road but you don’t drive on the wrong side of the road, hit someone and then drive away. she got on a plane to America but not necessarily to the US. there’s not enough information right now but this is another black eye for the u.s. and our diplomatic corps.


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