Trump calls for Romney’s impeachment – TheHill

As he throws people under the bus from his own party in the end Trump’s Achilles heel will be the polls.

When the Watergate hearings started, Nixon had an approval rating of 47%. Within three months of the first hearing his approval ratings were down to 21% and that’s when the Republicans started jumping ship and he realized that he needed to resign or he would be kicked out of office.

The other thing I don’t understand is Trump claims that he is the great decider. So why did he let Rick Perry, someone he beat out in the primaries for the nomination, convince him to make the call to Ukraine. It makes no sense.

so now he’s thrown Pence under the bus, Rick Perry under the bus, called for Romney’s impeachment, I think that’s what one calls presidential harassment where the president is the one doing harassment.

The cracks are forming already and soon you will see Republicans jumping the ship that is quickly taking on water and sinking very much like the Titanic.

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