Trump anti-LGBT judicial nominee cries over accusation he’s anti-LGBT – The Washington Blade

People’s beliefs do evolve. When someone consistently anti-lgbt in their actions one has to wonder whether they will ever change their opinions and evolve in their beliefs. This judicial appointee, Mr. VanDyke, has gone out of his way in Friends of the Court briefs 2 espouse anti-gay opinions. And now we are to think that when he becomes a federal judge this is all going to end? The thing that is most suspect in this whole situation is that Lindsey Graham paired this nominees hearing in front of the judiciary committee with one other Trump appointee who is openly gay. Were they throwing a bone to the gay community?

Tulsi gabbard has said that her views have evolved oh, I don’t believe her either. And lately Tulsi gabbard and her Ty’s to thinking that is very close to Trump’s on Russia don’t make me feel that she has evolved all that much. Russia and Putin are completely anti-lgbtq and persecute people for the way they were born. If you truly believe in a God who creates everyone then how do you square that with your opinion that He/She creates individuals that go against his/her beliefs, it doesn’t work.

These crocodile tears don’t sway me.


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