Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice – Salon

Lying is but a gateway drug for Republican politicians. They then move on to cheating in elections, then violate people’s civil rights and the name of the party and finally help elect the worst president the country has ever had.

I’m 65 years old and I’m not a Democrat because I blindly follow the Democratic party but rather because I have seen the Republican party lie and cheat its way to power. Look the Democrats are not perfect but they certainly don’t fall down to the level that the Republicans do.

The GOP, the grand old party of Lincoln, Lincoln would not recognize it and would not want to be part of it. The scam artists that are the Republican hierarchy like Mitch McConnell make me want to puke. they don’t care about the country they care about their power base and getting enough money to get reelected and the only way they can do that when they are catering to just 1% of the population is to lie to the other 99%. And they’re very good at it. Look at the almighty Reagan that the Republicans seem to want to worship went behind President Jimmy Carter’s back and made a deal with Iran 2 release hostages that were being held. Nixon went behind the back of President Johnson and told the North Vietnamese that if they held on and did not work out a piece with President Johnson that he Nixon would give them a better deal. not only was that a betrayal of the American people and the number of young men and women who died but it was a lie because Nixon never came to the table to negotiate and we had to pull out like cowards from Vietnam. Leaving behind our allies to be tortured and killed and imprisoned.

Now we have the Kurds who we have abandoned for the second time. by the way the first time the cards were abandoned was also by a republican George Bush the first.

I hope that the impeachment of trump weakens him enough that he loses in a landslide in 2020 because if not we are going to be one sad country if it’s a close election.


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