Medicare Fraud Case Cites Phone Scammers’ Worrisome Use Of Telemedicine : Shots – Health News : NPR

I just read an article that said that the way the ai’s are going to take over the world and kill us all off is by robo calling us to death. I get an average of 40 a day. I am their perfect Target. I just turned 65 and have good health insurance. And for some reason they think that dangling other health insurance in my face is going to make me give up my very private information, well they are wrong.

I have my phone on permanent do not disturb. If you go into your settings in your cell phone you can turn on do not disturb and have it set up so that it never goes off. this does not mean that I cannot get phone calls I have made exceptions to the rule. Basically anyone who is starred in my phone book gets through everybody else goes to voicemail.

Don’t call back the number if you do they know you really exist and it’s not a good idea. I do it because I am adamant about reporting these scam numbers to the FTC. There is a Do not call registry and you should be on it but we still need to make sure that the FTC has the ammunition if they even do anything about it to stop these calls. honestly I don’t think the Trump administration cares about stopping these calls, they’re being made by scam artists and I believe we may have one of those guys in the White House.

Did I just get political?



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While prescriptions for durable medical equipment, such as orthotic braces or wheelchairs, have long been a staple of Medicare fraud schemes, some alleged scammers are now using telemedicine and unscrupulous health providers to prescribe unneeded equipment to distant patients.

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