Fox News Reporter Slams Trump’s Inaccurate Syria Claims: ‘U.S. Troops Are Not Safe,’ That’s a ‘Turkish Talking Point’ – Newsweek

Is Trump the president of the United States or is he the pr guy for either Turkey or Russia you pick it.

Trump writes letters to world leaders like, teenagers passing notes to each other in junior high. You and your letter to a dictator by saying call me!

Rudy Giuliani is going down just like Michael Flynn did as an agent for turkey that is not registered in the United States. That’s already a given. but there are more people in this white house that have weird ties to Turkey. Which also brings us to a former Congressman named sessions whose father was a former FBI director. He’s in this mess as well just having been subpoenaed by a grand jury in a counterintelligence investigation. This White House seems to do the business of everyone except the American people. It’s ironic that they pushed the America first moniker for themselves when we are not first. We have left the Middle East to Putin’s own devices. We have hundreds if not thousands of Isis fighters that are looseand Trump says that he’s not worried about them they’re not the strong Isis fighters. Of course he claimed that he crushed ISis is in one month then how come there are Isis fighters still? Well that coupled with the weird letter he sent to the genocide leader of Turkey and this day could not get any weirder.

His meltdown with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is indicative of this man’s poor mental Health. Speaker Pelosi posted the picture that he ignorantly tweeted of her standing up to him. And her post she said all roads lead from you to rush out mr. President.

But I think the thing that must have gotten him the maddest was that on the steps of the White House after his meltdown she said that she was praying for the president which he does all the time but now she’s praying for his mental health because there’s something wrong there.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s friends talk about the fact that all of this would not even be a Bee movie script because it would be so improbable but yet here we are.

there’s an ancient proverb that’s actually a curse and the curse says “May you live in interesting times.” I think we are all cursed.

It’s been such a day but the cracks in the armor of trump are starting to become larger and larger. Lindsey Graham today said that obstruction of Congress is an impeachable offense. Sure he’s not going to vote for impeachment because he’s in the Senate and he’s not going to vote for conviction because he’s a Lindsey Graham. And now a Fox News host other than Shep Smith or Chris Wallace is putting the gauntlet down and telling Trump that he’s using talking points of our enemies. Here’s an interesting Fox News poll which I’m sure upset Trump to no end:

Trump is a coward and a bully. I worry that he’s not going to go into the night quietly like Richard Nixon. He may tear our country apart just to save his own skin but I hope like my good friend John truly believes that he’s going to resign. I used to think that it would be to save his children but now I think it’s to save his own skin.


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