Could there be an “organic” label for a product’s climate impact? – CBS News

As a consumer I rely on ratings to make sure I purchase items that will stand the wear of time. I’m also looking for things that are not going to harm the environment part or in the case of soaps and shampoos are not going to harm me. The organic label has gone a long way to show us how we can ethically eat food but now we need to go one step further. Clothing is the next frontier. Clothing that does not have an impact on the world’s resources or at least as little impact as possible is what the American Consumer and for that matter the world consumer is looking for. I would be thrilled if I saw a label that said that something I was buying, even if it were a little bit more expensive, would help reduce the ravages of climate change. Even China, the country that Trump seems to want to bring out each time to criticize the Paris Accord would because of market forces be forced to mend their ways and get in line with what are planet desperately needs.


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