Bill Maher on Trump’s Bad Week: ‘The Gang That Couldn’t Do Treason Straight.’

This was one of Bill Maher’s best shows, Even though or despite the fact that Danielle Pletka that was there,

He ended the show by offering Trump $1000000 of his own money and promising to raise a billion dollars from Hollywood and ordinary people to get Trump to resign. this would make Trump an actual billionaire which is something that would be really great for him. Would love to see him step down and maybe we can raise five hundred million dollars to get Pence to quit.

This has been a difficult week for all of us. The news does not stop. It’s like a fire hose hitting you and pushing you and pushing you and pushing you. I have to turn it off off and now because it’s overwhelming. I need my sanity and right now we’re living in insane times.


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