AG Barr expands mysterious review into origin of Russia investigation – NBC News

Since we have a so-called billionaire currently occupying the White House I assume he’s going to pick up the bill for this wild goose chase. this is like the Benghazi thing. They pick up a bone is a bone that’s been eaten and chews on and is no longer viable but they keep chewing on it. We had seven, seven Benghazi investigations and they all came up with the same results. So now here we go looking for the as our President says “Oranges”of the investigation in Russia.

I don’t understand when someone accused of a crime publicly says it’s them why do we need to look any further? Putin gleefully in front of Trump said yes he had meddled in our elections in 2016 and he plans on doing it again in 2020. The ads from Russia on Facebook or paid for in rubles that’s the Russian currency.

I think we need an Inspector General investigation into William Barr. I think William Barr should be disbarred because he is not doing the work of the American people he’s doing the work of the current occupant of the White House. They are radicals and are dangerous and as far as close to fascist without having that moniker put on them.

The impeachment is coming and Trump knows it so he’s going to try to muddy the waters as much as possible but unfortunately for him this is clear as glass and it’s going to be a bad day for Trump when the impeachment in the house begins.


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Bill Maher on Trump’s Bad Week: ‘The Gang That Couldn’t Do Treason Straight.’

This was one of Bill Maher’s best shows, Even though or despite the fact that Danielle Pletka that was there,

He ended the show by offering Trump $1000000 of his own money and promising to raise a billion dollars from Hollywood and ordinary people to get Trump to resign. this would make Trump an actual billionaire which is something that would be really great for him. Would love to see him step down and maybe we can raise five hundred million dollars to get Pence to quit.

This has been a difficult week for all of us. The news does not stop. It’s like a fire hose hitting you and pushing you and pushing you and pushing you. I have to turn it off off and now because it’s overwhelming. I need my sanity and right now we’re living in insane times.


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Sondland Throws Trump Under the Bus – The Daily Beast

Here is how the White House wants this to go down. First to put up a smoke screen bye causing turkey to go into Syria and attacked the Kurds. agree with turkey that there will be a ceasefire when the president of the United States request it. Have the acting white house chief of staff have a press conference when the most damaging of all the testimony against Trump is going to happen. Announce the outrageous decision to put the next G7 meeting at Doral, up from property. Then in that same press conference have mulvaney say that the people who are coming out to criticize the president in the impeachment inquiry are all partisan hacks. Then immediately after that have Pence an ounce of bogus ceasefire with turkey.

first the EU ambassador who testified today and threw Trump under the bus is not a partisan hack he was appointed by Trump and is a trump donor.

The ceasefire announced today is not worth the paper it’s written on. These fictitious borders that have been set up to divide up the Kurdish Homeland will never ever hold the test of time. This makes the British partition of the Middle East seem like a well-thought-out exercise.

By the way Mick mulvaney had a slip of the tongue when he said that Mar-A-Lago was also on the list to hold the summit. He was so pompous that Podium and showed contempt for the press and the intelligence of the American people. He committed crimes for this president and admitting to the crimes in public does not make you innocent. He said that the transcript was proof that there was no cover-up but there is two-thirds of that transcript missing. he refused to talk about the fact that they move things to the super secret servers that are never used for those purposes. The political hack here is Mick Mulvaney.

One more thing mr. President. If you’re going to hire or appoint political hacks remember that all they care about is the skin on their backs and they will throw you under the bus each time. Everyone said that the EU ambassador was not evil but he was so ill-prepared and unaware of world affairs that he was dangerous. That’s the perfect metaphor for this White House although I do consider them evil.

At the end of the day the impeachment inquiry is moving quite well and Trump is going to be impeached by Thanksgiving. I’m sure the poll numbers are scaring the White House to death. And that’s a good place to have them.


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Fox News Reporter Slams Trump’s Inaccurate Syria Claims: ‘U.S. Troops Are Not Safe,’ That’s a ‘Turkish Talking Point’ – Newsweek

Is Trump the president of the United States or is he the pr guy for either Turkey or Russia you pick it.

Trump writes letters to world leaders like, teenagers passing notes to each other in junior high. You and your letter to a dictator by saying call me!

Rudy Giuliani is going down just like Michael Flynn did as an agent for turkey that is not registered in the United States. That’s already a given. but there are more people in this white house that have weird ties to Turkey. Which also brings us to a former Congressman named sessions whose father was a former FBI director. He’s in this mess as well just having been subpoenaed by a grand jury in a counterintelligence investigation. This White House seems to do the business of everyone except the American people. It’s ironic that they pushed the America first moniker for themselves when we are not first. We have left the Middle East to Putin’s own devices. We have hundreds if not thousands of Isis fighters that are looseand Trump says that he’s not worried about them they’re not the strong Isis fighters. Of course he claimed that he crushed ISis is in one month then how come there are Isis fighters still? Well that coupled with the weird letter he sent to the genocide leader of Turkey and this day could not get any weirder.

His meltdown with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is indicative of this man’s poor mental Health. Speaker Pelosi posted the picture that he ignorantly tweeted of her standing up to him. And her post she said all roads lead from you to rush out mr. President.

But I think the thing that must have gotten him the maddest was that on the steps of the White House after his meltdown she said that she was praying for the president which he does all the time but now she’s praying for his mental health because there’s something wrong there.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s friends talk about the fact that all of this would not even be a Bee movie script because it would be so improbable but yet here we are.

there’s an ancient proverb that’s actually a curse and the curse says “May you live in interesting times.” I think we are all cursed.

It’s been such a day but the cracks in the armor of trump are starting to become larger and larger. Lindsey Graham today said that obstruction of Congress is an impeachable offense. Sure he’s not going to vote for impeachment because he’s in the Senate and he’s not going to vote for conviction because he’s a Lindsey Graham. And now a Fox News host other than Shep Smith or Chris Wallace is putting the gauntlet down and telling Trump that he’s using talking points of our enemies. Here’s an interesting Fox News poll which I’m sure upset Trump to no end:

Trump is a coward and a bully. I worry that he’s not going to go into the night quietly like Richard Nixon. He may tear our country apart just to save his own skin but I hope like my good friend John truly believes that he’s going to resign. I used to think that it would be to save his children but now I think it’s to save his own skin.


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Corporate Taxes Based on CEO Pay: The Public Opinion Context – Gallup

Whether it’s Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or basically anyone running in the Democratic primary They make the Republicans look so out of touch with what Americans believe. Now we just need to get Americans to vote in their own interests. The typical Trump voter was hurt by his policies over the last three years. Meanwhile the 1% has done remarkably well.

Gallup polling is usually very conservative so this pole is actually more telling.


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Top special ops Marine who fought with Kurds blasts Trump move in Syria as betrayal – NBC News

Betrayal seems to be in Trump’s blood. What else can you say about Sergeant Bone Spurs?

The commander and chief says that his Vietnam was fought in studio 54. How can people like General McMaster work with someone like him? I know they thought they were trying to help the country, but really?

When it helps him Trump thinks that everything is disposable. Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman, that got him through the Republican convention Trump said that it worked for his campaign for a short time and was not all that instrumental.

Michael Colin, his longtime attorney and fixer, easily disposed of and put away in jail.

Rudy Giuliani, on Friday he said that Giuliani was a fine attorney but did not answer whether or not he was still his attorney.

And now the Kurds. Calling Trump Putin’s puppet is an insult to all puppets. He gave Syria to Putin for Putin’s birthday. Today the Kurds were forced to Ally themselves with the Syrian butcher Al Asad and Russia in order to keep their families alive. But the betrayal is even greater than what we are hearing in the media. Turns out that two months ago Trump promised the Kurdish leaders that he would have their backs and not to turn to anyone else because he would always be there and the United States would be there. And here we are, the United States is not there for them and are named in the world has been soiled. Tens of thousands of Isis fighters and their families are now being released to the world. And what has this godless? He says it’s in order to pull back our troops and yet he sent the same day five thousand more troops to Saudi Arabia! This is going to be his downfall. The American people have their day-to-day lives to worry about but they also worried about their children’s safety and don’t want another nightmare like September 11th 2001. The behavior of this President may bring one down on us and I hope to the universe and does not happen.

One last thing, if the Kurds looked more like Scandinavians I don’t think Trump would have betrayed them so easily. Another example of white supremacist terrorism.


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Trump’s looking for corruption: start here – Salon

This week on Rachel Maddow she did a piece about how Trump is trying to make the word corruption less powerful. Why would the president of the United States want to do that? You need not look much further than his family and the people he has appointed in his administration.

I just finished watching The Circus on Showtime. Most of it I had heard before but there was one thing that was very telling. during one of his rallies Trump kept screaming out where is Hunter, where is Hunter Biden? The camera then panned to a very very uncomfortable looking Eric Trump. I think he knows that his father is putting a bull’s-eye on his head and that of his siblings who work in Trump org.

Trump promised that he would drain the swamp oh, that’s almost beyond being laughable. I don’t think any science fiction writer could come up with a more Radioactive swamp and the one that Trump has created. Putting someone who sued the EPA hundreds of times as the head of the EPA. Putting the CEO of one of the biggest arms merchants in the US has our secretary of defense. Putting someone from Goldman Sachs as our Treasury secretary. Remember how he used to rail about the speeches that Hillary Clinton had given to Goldman Sachs and now he put Steve mnuchin in charge of our Treasury. Steve mnuchin who took his new wife on an all expenses paid by the taxpayer of course trip to visit fort Knox as if it was his personal gold. Odd choice for a honeymoon but then I’ve never been married.

If the American people don’t see this and vote him out of office then the American people deserve what they get and that’s the swampiest of governments just what Vladimir Putin wanted.


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The swamp also known as the Trump cabinet

Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice – Salon

Lying is but a gateway drug for Republican politicians. They then move on to cheating in elections, then violate people’s civil rights and the name of the party and finally help elect the worst president the country has ever had.

I’m 65 years old and I’m not a Democrat because I blindly follow the Democratic party but rather because I have seen the Republican party lie and cheat its way to power. Look the Democrats are not perfect but they certainly don’t fall down to the level that the Republicans do.

The GOP, the grand old party of Lincoln, Lincoln would not recognize it and would not want to be part of it. The scam artists that are the Republican hierarchy like Mitch McConnell make me want to puke. they don’t care about the country they care about their power base and getting enough money to get reelected and the only way they can do that when they are catering to just 1% of the population is to lie to the other 99%. And they’re very good at it. Look at the almighty Reagan that the Republicans seem to want to worship went behind President Jimmy Carter’s back and made a deal with Iran 2 release hostages that were being held. Nixon went behind the back of President Johnson and told the North Vietnamese that if they held on and did not work out a piece with President Johnson that he Nixon would give them a better deal. not only was that a betrayal of the American people and the number of young men and women who died but it was a lie because Nixon never came to the table to negotiate and we had to pull out like cowards from Vietnam. Leaving behind our allies to be tortured and killed and imprisoned.

Now we have the Kurds who we have abandoned for the second time. by the way the first time the cards were abandoned was also by a republican George Bush the first.

I hope that the impeachment of trump weakens him enough that he loses in a landslide in 2020 because if not we are going to be one sad country if it’s a close election.


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White House accidentally sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats again – TheHill

Either this White House is playing five dimensional Chess or they couldn’t win a game of tiddlywinks, I think the latter.

This is a president who said he would be stealth and never announce ahead of time what he’s going to do because that would inform the enemy. I guess sending your plans directly to the enemy must be some kind of mind trick or just plain stupidity. I haven’t seen a story move so quickly as the story of Trump’s impeachment. it’s no longer whether or not he will be impeached but rather whether or not he will be removed from office.

He is throwing people under the bus left and right. First you made sure to implicate Pence, then Rick Perry and pompeo. He’s giving Rudy Giuliani the Michael Cohen treatment. As he was screaming outside is helicopter going to Louisiana today when asked if we’re did Giuliani was his attorney he said weirdly that he was in the past and was a very good attorney at that. you change just a couple of words from Michael Kahn, he said that Michael Cohen was a good man something that he would go on and on and on about on Twitter with Michael Cohen turned on him.

I think all of this blundering, all of this deceit and his tragic decision to tell turkey’s erdogan that it was okay to attack the Kurds in Syria are all adding up and his jury, the Senate, is getting very tired of him. Sure, Mitch McConnell said that he controlled whether or not the trial took a long time but Nancy Pelosi decides how long the testimony last and that’s what was the end of Nixon.

He kept wishing the Prime Minister of Japan, Abe, a happy birthday but it wasn’t the prime minister’s birthday it wasn’t fact Vladimir Putin’s. And as a great big birthday gift to his bestie he allowed for the genocide of the Kurdish people are steadfast allies and for that there will be a very very warm place in hell for both Trump and Putin. I hope they enjoy it there.


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Trump’s GOP Allies Are Livid at His Inaction on Turkey’s Assault on Kurds in Syria – The Daily Beast

I was fortunate to be in an AP English class at Miami Beach Senior High School called “The Absurdist Vision”. It was taught by a professor Moses who have been a professor at Harvard. I bring this up because all of the absurdist literature I read during that semester did not prepare me for the Trump presidency. I think the thing that did prepare me better was perhaps the Superman comics that I used to read when I was around 10. Very much like in Star Trek mirror universe, Superman would travel to bizarro world where everything was backwards. So I have to thank the Superman universe for at least giving me a little bit I’ve noticed as to what I was going to deal with when I was 65.

Trump knows that he’s done wrong by abandoning me the Kurdish troops. Trump knows that the Kurds fought valiantly side by side with American troops to clear that part of the world of the Isis caliphate. Trump knows got the Kurds currently have over 10,000 Isis fighters in captivity. Trump knows all this and so does the GOP that seem to be never ending supporters of his. Today he said that the Kurds never fought in Normandy!

Where did he get that?

In fact the courage were very busy during World War II mounting an operation known as 1943 Barzani revolt. This took place in what is known now as Iraq. This revolt took play stream most awards. I wonder who in the Trump administration told him about this? I’m sure as the days go by we will find out. But claiming that one group or another did not help us in some past war is not how things work. Germany is our Ally but they did not help us during World War II actually they were our foe.

Japan is our Ally and actually they did not help us during World War II they were our foe.

Italy is our Ally but actually they did not help us in World War II they were our foe.

See how this works and perhaps somebody should explain this all to the current occupants of the White House because he has his head so up a part of his body, I’m not going to mention that it’s ridiculous. The Kurds have been our allies for the last 20 years that we’ve been at war in the middle East and to abandon them now because of the Turkish and Russian dictators demanding it from Trump is the same as genocide.

What happens to the Isis prisoners that the Kurds currently hold? This is not going to be a popular thing I’m going to say but I truly believe that Trump thinks that he can get out of his impeachment thing if we have a 911 like attack on the Homeland. Anyone who’s watched this transactional ass in the white house will I know that this is not outside of the realm of his scheming to keep himself in power.

I hope Lindsey Graham can sleep at night for his defense of the undefendable Trump.


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