Tucker Carlson: John Bolton Is a ‘Man of the Left’ and One of Trump Admin’s ‘Most Progressive People’ – The Daily Beast

If you haven’t read George Orwell’s 1984 don’t bother, you’re living it. Tucker Carlson’s orwellian rewriting of John Bolton’s resume is rather remarkable even for Fox News. He completely failed to mention in his diatribe that John Bolton was a Fox News contributor until he was appointed as the national security advisor buy tweet by of course Trump. We run a government by tweet, I don’t even think George Orwell could I have imagined that. Turns out that Trump missed General McMaster who John Bolton replaced. Trump is a strange man. He falls in love with North Korean dictator’s, misses people who he fires and doesn’t seem to be able to fire anyone in person, weird especially when you consider that was his catchphrase on NBC’s The Apprentice.

Saying that John Bolton was a left-wing Progressive is like saying that Vladimir Putin is a champion of human Rights and democracy. John Bolton was not a good un ambassador and he is certainly not a good national security advisor but what I’m worried about is who is going to replace him. This White House does not seem to replace bad people with better ones they just seem to go down to the bottom of the barrel and find whomever will be willing to become part of this menagerie that we laughingly call our government.

Fox News needs to drug test Tucker Carlson.


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