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I really like mayor Pete Buttigieg. young, intelligent, charismatic and everything that would make a perfect president. You know there’s a but coming.

I have two issues fat mayor Pete confronts him and they are related. He is openly gay and has a big problem with the African-American community.

it’s hard to change stereotypes in people’s minds, especially the kind of stereotype that is Grand into your head every Sunday at church. I remember that wonderful evening in November 2008 when President Obama won the election when nobody thought he would. That happiness was dashed by the passing a proposition 8, Yan Tai chi marriage proposition here in California. People have been reluctant to say why that got past but I have a feeling the high African-American turnout had much to do with it. Again it’s hard to break stereotypes, especially those from then to your head by your preacher.

I support mayor Pete, I’ve given him money for his campaign but I’ve done so a couple of other candidates as well. I think the stumble this summer with the problems in South Bend with the police chief have done some damage to his campaign. Is it repairable, sure, everything is repairable in politics. I just don’t think that’s the Democrats are going to take the chance of nominating an openly gay man who does not have great African-American support.

There I said it.


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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

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