CBS News poll finds majority of Americans and Democrats approve of impeachment inquiry against Trump – CBS News

One of my best friends, John, sent me this article with the words bravo in the email. John lives on the other side of the country but we text continuously and talk often. He is one of the more astute political observers I know. And his cat Sassy ain’t too shabby either.

People are criticizing the fact that the House of Representatives went away on break for 10 days. I understand why they’re doing it, the Jewish holidays started tonight and Columbus day is huge on the East Coast. I worry that the Republicans will lie their way into changing people’s opinion about the impeachment inquiry.

I don’t watch Fox News and don’t live in that bubble. But I did find out today was rather shocking. Out of the 596 shows that Hannity is done in the last three years he has talked about Hillary Clinton’s email server on 590. So the people indoctrinated by Fox News truly believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong even though she’s been investigated and investigated and investigated and they never found anything wrong. So today, Mike pompeo and his corrupt state department, put out a letter to former State Department employees who worked under Hillary and said that they need to testify regarding her email server and documents that were not secret but then later on were made Secret. This is kind of like minority report looking for crimes that will happen in the future.

I watched Giuliani on George Stephanopoulos show today and he just was spewing lie after lie and I’ve never seen anybody sweat so much. George Stephanopoulos was annoyed at him and at one point told him that it was his show and he needed to answer the questions that he was posing. Giuliani ever did.

This is obviously a corrupt White House storing stuff they don’t like on servers that are not appropriate for that use but this is a White House and doesn’t care. Is it a white house that doesn’t care about anyone who didn’t vote for them and that’s the majority of the country. Eric’s wife put out the map of the electoral college on Twitter today, I blocked her after that, and she said impeach this. what she fails to mention is that they lost the popular vote by 3 million people. That’s the only way the Republicans will ever get the White House and it’s through the electoral college which needs to be abolished.

I think the American people are smart and I think the American people we’ll see the corruption, public opinion will shift against Trump, just like during Watergate, or they will vote Trump out of office. I just worry that he won’t leave.


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