We called the Social Security scammers back. Here’s how the scheme works

I have T-Mobile’s premium name ID package which is supposed to stop these robocalls but it doesn’t. I have my do not disturb on 24 hours a day but they still get through. I received so many of these calls from one was supposed to be Social security that I actually worried and went to the Social security Site, logged in found out my information was not a tissue and changed my password to the Social security Site.

The article is very informative and I highly recommend you read it, but only on Google News, if not they ask for money. One of the takeaways that I want to stress is that these people will tell you to stay on the phone while you’re driving to Walmart or wherever they tell you to go to drain your account. Don’t do it. Get off the phone talk to someone else let them bring you down to earth and tell you that you’re about to be scammed of your life savings. Call Social security they are nice there and will help you. The website is wonky but you need to go to an actual computer or laptop to access it. So do not use your phone.

Yesterday I got a call from a company called card services. I call them back because I need to have a name when I report them to the Federal Trade commission’s Do not call registry. I asked what the company’s name was and they said card services and I said that’s not a company name and he asked me then what do you think our name should be. When I did a search on Google for Card Services scammers they pop up with a giant stop sign telling you to stay away from these people.

I like this solely in the lap of the Trump FCC commissioner. He has been promising over and over again that this scourge would end but he’s done nothing.


Trump FCC commissioner who will remain nameless, this is the guy who is in charge of fixing robocalls

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