CBS News poll finds majority of Americans and Democrats approve of impeachment inquiry against Trump – CBS News

One of my best friends, John, sent me this article with the words bravo in the email. John lives on the other side of the country but we text continuously and talk often. He is one of the more astute political observers I know. And his cat Sassy ain’t too shabby either.

People are criticizing the fact that the House of Representatives went away on break for 10 days. I understand why they’re doing it, the Jewish holidays started tonight and Columbus day is huge on the East Coast. I worry that the Republicans will lie their way into changing people’s opinion about the impeachment inquiry.

I don’t watch Fox News and don’t live in that bubble. But I did find out today was rather shocking. Out of the 596 shows that Hannity is done in the last three years he has talked about Hillary Clinton’s email server on 590. So the people indoctrinated by Fox News truly believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong even though she’s been investigated and investigated and investigated and they never found anything wrong. So today, Mike pompeo and his corrupt state department, put out a letter to former State Department employees who worked under Hillary and said that they need to testify regarding her email server and documents that were not secret but then later on were made Secret. This is kind of like minority report looking for crimes that will happen in the future.

I watched Giuliani on George Stephanopoulos show today and he just was spewing lie after lie and I’ve never seen anybody sweat so much. George Stephanopoulos was annoyed at him and at one point told him that it was his show and he needed to answer the questions that he was posing. Giuliani ever did.

This is obviously a corrupt White House storing stuff they don’t like on servers that are not appropriate for that use but this is a White House and doesn’t care. Is it a white house that doesn’t care about anyone who didn’t vote for them and that’s the majority of the country. Eric’s wife put out the map of the electoral college on Twitter today, I blocked her after that, and she said impeach this. what she fails to mention is that they lost the popular vote by 3 million people. That’s the only way the Republicans will ever get the White House and it’s through the electoral college which needs to be abolished.

I think the American people are smart and I think the American people we’ll see the corruption, public opinion will shift against Trump, just like during Watergate, or they will vote Trump out of office. I just worry that he won’t leave.


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New York Times faces backlash after revealing details about whistleblower – The Guardian

I have never been a lover of the physical newspaper. But my whole life I have loved the news and journalism. So when Al Gore invented the internet and newspapers became available online I was a happy little camper.

I subscribe to the LA Times online, Washington Post and until about three months ago, the New York Times.

Something has happened inside the New York Times. I’m not sure if it’s an overzealous rivalry with the Washington Post, but something’s happened.

Last month’s pay fumbled the Kavanaugh story to make Kavanaugh look less like a Kavanaugh. And now they’re revealing enough information for someone to figure out who is The whistleblower in this life changing moment for our country! We know how vindictive this White House is. And to let them have clues on who this whistleblower is is downright criminal. The Washington Post has been doing amazing work and I’ve got to say that the New York Times is not.

I understand the New York Times looks at it’s subscriptions to see whether or not people are happy with them. I think that they will be seeing a drop in their subscriptions after this.

We need these journalistic Giants but we need them to do the right thing. I thought the motto of the New York Times was all the news fit to print, what happened to you the New York Times?

I thought the motto of the New York Times was all the news fit to print, what happened to you the New York Times?


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Real Time with Bill Maher Friday September 27th 2019 I was there

As fortunate to get tickets to go see Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. it’s located at the CBS studios in the heart of Hollywood and is one of the more iconic buildings here in Los Angeles.

He started off of a one-on-one talk with Salman Rushdie he was talking about his new book Quiote. it’s a modern version of Don Quixote that revolves around the presidency of Donald Trump. The magic of this book is the fact that Donald Trump although the main character is never mentioned. there are other parts of the book which seemed really interesting including the fact that unfortunately Salman rushdie’s sister was killed by opiate overdose. In the book he uses strippers on poles dancing to lure doctors in. turns out all they needed was about $30,000 to lure doctors in to giving out these deadly drugs.

The panel discussion was lively. One of the panelists got booed several times, Noah Rothman is no virgin to my boose here in my apartment while he’s doing his thing on MSNBC. When he said that there were good scientists on both sides of climate change the room erupted. Interesting Lee the former head of the EPA under President Obama was there and she was a great foiled for him. I thought that Bill Maher was office game but maybe because I was watching it live. I watch him religiously every Friday night and I think now that Game of Thrones is gone it’s the only reason I keep HBO.

I was truly looking forward to seeing Barney Franks who has been one of my heroes for decades now. I guess my politics have moved away from his because I did not agree with many of the things that he said. He’s against the impeachment and thinks that it’s going to give the unmentionable one in the oval Office a second term. I don’t think so

I got home at about 10 p.m. and got to watch the rerun of Lawrence O’Donnell telling us that now there has been a Wall Street journal report that says that Donald Trump has been squirreling away all of the conversations he’s had with Russia and Saudi Arabia in a private server meant for only the most highly classified information our country has. Why would he care to Hide these conversations when he has conversations with the under hundred and ninety-three countries of the world all the time? Inquiring minds want to know.

Inquiring minds want to know.

if you live in Los Angeles or ever get a chance to come make sure to get tickets to go see Bill Maher, it’s well worth it.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Trump is a “corrupt human tornado,” former Secretary of State says in exclusive interview – CBS News

Hillary Clinton has been an important person in my life for basically my whole adult life. I wholeheartedly supported her in 2008 but when she conceded to President Obama I went on the Obama bandwagon big time. In 2016 I was on her bandwagon until the very end. Saying that I was crushed when she lost to the tangerine Menace would be an understatement but my story is just one of millions across this country.

Hillary Clinton will be vindicated. I think she already is. The what if Obama Twitter obsession should be what if Hillary was president. our world would be well on its way to trying to repair what generations have done to the Earth. human rights would be protected across the world. The United States would be still the bastion of freedom and not the laughing stock of the world. Russia would have someone to stand up to it. There would be no justice Kavanaugh on the supreme Court. And most importantly, in my eyes, a woman would be in the oval Office, a calming influence.

I am going to record CBS this morning on Sunday and watch the full interview.

We are and always will be stronger together.

PS thanks to my friend John for sending me this article, I believe Sassy gave it to him in the first place.


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Bizarre video of Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag while being seduced by Donald Trump resurfaces – The Independent

Just a little bit of a personal announcement, I got tickets to go to see Bill Maher live tomorrow. Is taping of real time should be very interesting.

On the subject of Bill Maher What he said about Rudy Giuliani and drag is too funny. he said Rudy in drag once is Halloween, twice it’s funny three times it’s a fetish.

This video was shot in 2000 wow Giuliani was supposedly America’s mayor. And now he has come full circle and is the clown that even Republicans are now moving away from.

Rudy giuliani’s last interview of the Atlantic is mesmerizing. He says how can the whistleblower be a hero when he is the hero in this story. A hero that Commits crimes for a sitting president is no hero in my eyes.

Giuliani is going to regret the day he met Donald Trump. Donald Trump destroys everything he touches and Giuliani is not immune.


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Trump allies voice concerns about Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in Ukraine – NBC News

For somebody like me who doesn’t like President Trump Rudy Giuliani just makes my heart sing. Why in God’s name after all of the times this man has been on TV and has put his foot in his mouth if not other orifices they still tried him out each time there’s some sort of a crisis in the White House involving impeachment

The comedy shows have had a field day with Rudy Giuliani. He was never a great mayor of New York City and was fortunate, in a very tragic way, to be the mayor during 9/11. That was then this is now and now it’s time for him to go wherever loudmouth Republicans go to rest. He needs a nice home where his needs will be met. Just not home television every 5 minutes saying something stupider than he said 5 minutes before. He is not going to help this president and I think he may be the cause for the end of this presidency.

This is a White House that sent out its talking points about the Ukrainian phone call memo to the Democrats. After that they sent out another email to the Democrats asking them to ignore the original email. I keep saying this, but honestly, if this were being written buy a fiction novelist their editor would send it back saying it is too unbelievable.

Perhaps tomorrow will show Donald Trump that having acting everything’s is bad. Tomorrow the acting director of national intelligence will be I’m sure saying that he can’t say anything because the White House has ordered him that way but somebody should ask him about his hair piece oh, it’s horrible.


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Five potential articles of impeachment from the Trump-Ukraine call – Slate

I don’t know a prosecutor that would just prosecute on the crimes of the day. Prosecutors will look at everything and do what you’ve heard on TV a lot, throw the book at them. Let’s not forget the 10 counts of obstruction of justice that Mueller laid out for the American people. 10 counts of obstruction of justice must not be forgotten.

As a side note, I hope that Trump does use Rudy Giuliani as his main attorney during the impeachment. Look I’m like everybody else, I like must see TV.


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7 national security Democrats: If true, Trump’s actions are impeachable – The Washington Post

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting a lot of these freshmen Democrats when they were running for office here in Los Angeles. These are people who have served our country either in the military or in the intelligence community. they are putting their job on the line because these are the first Democrats to have been elected in red Orange county.

These are patriots because this President is now breaking the law in plain sight. The chain of events leading up to this phone call show his uberous. The day after Robert Mueller testified in front of Congress Trump went and called the Ukrainian president and told him that he needed information on Joe Biden or he was withholding funds that have been allocated to the ukrainians by Congress.look as far as Trump was concerned he was killing two birds with one stone. He was cutting off page to a threat posed by Ukraine to theRussian federation and intern Putin and he was trying to get information on Joe Biden his number one rival.

He says that this was okay for him to do because vitamin is in the political sphere. And yet this is the same man who they will not give us his tax returns and has said that if there are investigations of his children that that would be crossing a line in the sand. So he’s okay with doing it to other people just not to himself. This has been such a corrupt White House that it’s almost impossible to phantom one that’s normal again.

Now it’s your turn to do your patriotic duty and call your member of Congress and tell them it’s time 4 the impeachment of this President. This is how you get in touch with them:

Clerk of the House maintains addresses and phone numbers of all House members and Committees, or you may call (202) 224-3121 for the U.S. House switchboard operator.


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The president’s henchman, Rudy Giuliani, spreading lies on Fox News.

Trump admits to discussing Biden in scrutinized talk with Ukrainian leader – NBC News

And the song begins…

First we heard “no collusion no collusion”

And now it’s “no quid pro quo”

His Maga hat-wearing supporters will think that he’s being a great statesman by using Latin in his statement. But in fact he’s already admitted to the crime. Why would he discuss Joe Biden eight times during a conversation with a foreign leader?

The silence coming from the Republican party on this is deafening. Where are they?

Trump is a mob boss running a corrupt organization bent on destroying this planet. he is counting on large donations from all the worst corporations on Earth so that he can get reelected. This is a man drunk on power. This is a man who thinks he can do anything in the oval Office. This is a man who has twisted norms so much that they’re no longer recognizable.

Don Corleone would be very proud.


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A shadow of himself. President Donald Trump arrives for a state dinner honoring the Australian Prime Minister at the White House on Sept. 20, 2019.

Zach Gibson / Getty Images