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Over the last 30 months Trump has transformed himself in the eyes of many of his supporters from a billionaire crusader for there interest to a politician. And that may be his downfall.

The word politician has become a dirty word to those who voted for Trump hoping for some change. Has the jobs that were promised in the Auto industry and the mines are disappearing under his watch this politician thing is going to go viral.

Watch the news report yesterday about a town in Wyoming that relies on mining, coal mining. The mine had been bought and sold and bought and sold IDs vulture investors. two town of 30,000 people and yesterday 600 of them lost their jobs. The trickle-down effect of 600 people losing their jobs in such a small town is devastating.

Beyond the fact that Mitch McConnell has did one of the main architects of disruption in the Congress. The architect of the Giants tax break for the very rich. The architect of not allowing for election fraud funding he’s also not doing anything for those people that thought he was their champion in Kentucky.

I have been wrong before about Trump and the Republicans. I don’t understand how people can vote against their interest and yet they do over and over again. but I hope that this time around I’m correct.


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Protesting coal miner in Kentucky being interviewed for local Kentucky TV station

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