Guinness World Records on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Guinness World Records

First and foremost I am in no way endorsing the Guinness World records people. They are obviously whores whoare blocked by dictators so they can inflate their own egos. Their PR machine is up and oiled because I posted something on Twitter regarding this and within two minutes of my posting I got this PR piece of crap. and if they don’t mention the fact that they were on site and Saudi Arabia for the world’s largest drum event where the killer of American journalistwas glorified with a drone portrait of himself in the night sky. Or that they have endorsed dictator Berdimuhamedov who has kept his people enslaved for years. This is a company that is gone afoul.

They told John Oliver that because of the nature of their company being family-oriented they would not appear on his show. Family-oriented? Dictators? That’s how you see yourselves then shame on you.

Their attached press release will show you how little they are defending themselves because you can’t defend the undefendable.

I applaud John Oliver 4 his unending pursuit of the truth while still making us laugh out loud. he puts dictators in their place something that it seems Guinness World records doesn’t know how to do.


press release from Guinness Book of World records people after John Oliver’s show tonight

Screenshot from John Oliver last week Tonight. Largest marble cake ever made with a picture of a lousy dictator being kicked off his horse

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