Facebook bans ads from The Epoch Times after huge pro-Trump buy – NBC News

You gotta love Facebook, they always stop taking advertising from people that spend millions of dollars with them the people have spent millions of dollars with them. Once again a creepy organization lead by conspiracy theorist and a cult block ads on Facebook…

Sound familiar, it should. It’s 2016 all over again. Russians bought ads on Facebook paid in the Russian currency and then it took years for Facebook to disavow any knowledge of their actions. Facebook is a corrupt money-hungry organization that is hell-bent on taking over how we pick our leaders and get our news.

During the last season of the CBS show Elementary the villain was the head of in this case a search engine, the biggest search engine in the world, and he used his knowledge to decide who would be committing a crime and he had them assassinated. I know it sounds like science fiction but in fact when the detectives try to bring him down no one would do it because he controlled who information about politicians and what information they got. Sound familiar…

that’s exactly where Zuckerberg has put us with Facebook. And it’s not just us it’s the whole world now that Facebook has 2.5 billion users. for almost 2 years now I have not been a user of Facebook and I’ve got to say it’s like not having a working phone line. It’s not easy. Organizations rely on Facebook for everything including your rsvping for events and for videos from places like CBS that only show videos about Star Trek-Discovery on Facebook! They have their own channel, CBS All Access, yet they use Facebook.

So it does not surprise me that after the fact Facebook decides that they did wrong and stop taking ads from the Epoch Times, a right-wing organization run by a cult. You would think they would look into who they take ads from but again they are money hungry.


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The Epoch Times has spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than anyone other than the Trump campaign itself in the last six months

Chelsea Stahl / NBC News; Getty Images

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