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Watch the whole show but if you want to watch Bill ask the current occupant of the White House to Champion climber change then you’re in for a treat at 57 and a half minutes into the show.

Bill Maher pledges to be his supporter if he doesn’t want a t and embraces the fact that we are burning our planet away. This may be all funny but I was talking to a friend today and I don’t know how young people today can face the future. I’m 65 and I have maybe 30 years left if I’m really lucky but the worst of the worst won’t happen for 50 years and Bill Maher is right we need to do something and we need to do something now and if it means my voting for Trump if he embraces climate change then yes I will do that as well. But, unfortunately you know that if he embraces it today 5 minutes from now the Koch brothers will call him, oh I forgot, the Koch brother will call and tell him to change his tune or else.


‘It’s devastating’. End of GM in Ohio town as Trump fails to bring back midwest jobs – The Guardian

Empty promises

That may be the lasting epithet of the Trump administration.

I watched in disbelief as he campaign in 2015 and 2016 promising to reverse the closures of American Auto manufacturing plants in the US. Never taking into consideration market factors. First Ford announced it will no longer be making automobiles but rather focusing on SUVs and trucks and slowly but surely General motors is following suit.

An effective president of the United States can help veer the ship of State towards a direction but cannot make sure turns. The president of the United States of America is not a king or a dictator. And yet Trump thinks that he is.

Today in a tweetstorm which is not exactly the words you want to say about the leader of the Free World, he ordered, yes ordered, companies to stop doing business with China.two major takeaways from this. One he’s not the king or dictator and to he’s ignoring the fact that we are like heroin addicts addicted to cheap Chinese consumer goods and ordering away is not going to change things.

A normal president of the United States goes to Congress and makes deals by President Obama did when he in 2008 saved Chrysler and GM from going under. Can you imagine the cataclysm that would have occurred if those two giants of industry had disappeared from our midst. Now market forces are taking over again and as much as I’m a GM guy I’m watching General motors make cars that people don’t want. And that saddens me.

We need a leader not a dictator and went a new president takes over I hope there is still enough of the American fabric left to stitch together because at this point I’m watching the dismantling of what I have known all my life and it frightens me.


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Facebook bans ads from The Epoch Times after huge pro-Trump buy – NBC News

You gotta love Facebook, they always stop taking advertising from people that spend millions of dollars with them the people have spent millions of dollars with them. Once again a creepy organization lead by conspiracy theorist and a cult block ads on Facebook…

Sound familiar, it should. It’s 2016 all over again. Russians bought ads on Facebook paid in the Russian currency and then it took years for Facebook to disavow any knowledge of their actions. Facebook is a corrupt money-hungry organization that is hell-bent on taking over how we pick our leaders and get our news.

During the last season of the CBS show Elementary the villain was the head of in this case a search engine, the biggest search engine in the world, and he used his knowledge to decide who would be committing a crime and he had them assassinated. I know it sounds like science fiction but in fact when the detectives try to bring him down no one would do it because he controlled who information about politicians and what information they got. Sound familiar…

that’s exactly where Zuckerberg has put us with Facebook. And it’s not just us it’s the whole world now that Facebook has 2.5 billion users. for almost 2 years now I have not been a user of Facebook and I’ve got to say it’s like not having a working phone line. It’s not easy. Organizations rely on Facebook for everything including your rsvping for events and for videos from places like CBS that only show videos about Star Trek-Discovery on Facebook! They have their own channel, CBS All Access, yet they use Facebook.

So it does not surprise me that after the fact Facebook decides that they did wrong and stop taking ads from the Epoch Times, a right-wing organization run by a cult. You would think they would look into who they take ads from but again they are money hungry.


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The Epoch Times has spent more money on pro-Trump Facebook ads than anyone other than the Trump campaign itself in the last six months

Chelsea Stahl / NBC News; Getty Images

’I’m 99.9% Jewish’ proclaims Wayne Allyn Root, the conspiracy nut who called Trump ‘second coming of God’ – New York Daily News

Thanks to John and Sassy for providing the above illustration from New York Daily News
What this misguided Evangelical Christian minister misunderstands is that being Jewish is not a race. It’s a religion. How can one convert to a race? I can not convert to being an African-American, Asian or any other race as it’s not scientifically possible yet.

And that’s the myth that these people who are anti-semites will promulgates. The Jews have been attacked through history. And we now have a man in the White House who feels comfortable attacking Jews. I feel under attack and it’s not comfortable. My parents lived through the Nazi Holocaust in Europe and told me how they feared for their lives. Next Trump is going to tell us his best friends are Jewish. The same racist crap that comes out of his mouth every day.

Judaism is a religion not a racial identity. I’m a proud citizen of the United States of America. Do I want is real to prosper yes because I have family that lives there but I have family that lives in France that I want friends to prosper as well as in England and I want England to prosper and so on and so on. I don’t have anyone allegiance to any country other than the United States of America. And I hope that somebody will get it through that psychotic brain that’s living in the white house right now.

One more thing Mr. Root, do you honestly think that God would send a failed real estate developer from New York as his or her second coming?



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Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative right-wing conspiracy theorist, is continuing his wild praise of President Trump. (AP)

Elizabeth Warren in Los Angeles

On a day…The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the King of Israel.

The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the King of Israel.

On a day that the sitting president of the United States said that he was the second coming of God.

On a day that the president of the United States said that Jews were disloyal.

On a day when 37 psychiatrist came out to say that the sitting president of the United States is mentally ill.

I got to spend an hour with a breath of fresh air
The sitting president of the United States retweeted that he was the king of Israel.

On a day that the sitting president of the United States said that he was the second coming of God.

On a day that the president of the United States said that Jews were disloyal.

On a day when 37 psychiatrist came out to say that the sitting president of the United States is mentally ill.

I got to spend an hour with a breath of fresh air, Elizabeth Warren.

It was a hot and humid day in Los Angeles and yet I would estimate 4 to 5,000 people showed up at The shrine auditorium to see Senator Elizabeth Warren. When we got there at the line when around the building. The crowd was the first and filled with beautiful children. People were talking about politics, people were hopeful.

I’ve been to several of these things over the years and usually you have to listen to a lot of speakers before the main speaker comes out but this time it was different. We had one speaker and spoke both in English and Spanish and then she introduced Elizabeth Warren.

I’m not sure if it’s because she’s a woman but Elizabeth Warren made a point of introducing herself to us as a human being. I really came there to hear her policies and she did hit on some of them but it was mostly about her upbringing, her mom and how she got to this point in our life. She’s a fascinating woman and it was illuminating.

I don’t know why Democratic candidates of late are insistent on giving us all of these anecdotes about other people. I truly want to hear their plan and Elizabeth Warren is one of those people that I was hoping to hear more about a plan and less about our family life but I guess there’s a very long time ahead before the actual votes are counted and she will have her time to make her plans in person.

I wasn’t there as a Warren supporter, I will be supporting whomever the eventual nominee of the Democratic party. I was there because I wanted to find out more about Elizabeth Warren and see the person in real life
I wasn’t there as a Warren supporter, I will be supporting whomever the eventual nominee of the Democratic party. I was there because I wanted to find out more about Elizabeth Warren and see the person in real life

Being an event planner a couple of things need to be fixed. First there should have been a big screen television for those of us in the back to be able to see. We had positions close to the stage but gave them up so that others could be closed or who needed to sit. So it was difficult to see her from our vantage point. I don’t think they thought they would have that big a crowd because the Press Deus was pretty close up front which left very little room in front of it. And being on a riser it basically blocked out the view for the audience in the back. These are things that will be fixed. they were great at getting all of our details so they could follow up with us I’m sure for fundraising and further support.

Did she make me a Warren supporter? Not yet but she certainly made it easier for me to support her if she becomes the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

On a day where the current occupant of the White House put out crazy, this was a breath of fresh air so needed here in Los Angeles.


Trump says he wanted to give himself Medal of Honor for valor during war – POLITICO

Quick question to my readers. Do you know anyone who has gotten the medal of valor from the United States of America for draft dodging before?

My mom and dad lost a child before I was born and I was very precious to them. My time to serve our country in Vietnam came and although they would have dreaded seeing me go they would have let me go to Vietnam because that was what Americans do. My draft number was very high up and I was never called that’s completely different from what happened during Trump’s time to serve our country.

His father is a racist to come to a doctor that said he had a bone spur. We have never seen any evidence of this being true. He is a draft Dodger, end of discussion.

The medal of Honor is given to those who have served our country and to joke about it and tell people who are getting their medal how he should have given himself one is so disrespectful that every veteran even those who voted for Trump should be screaming blasphemy.


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Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland isn’t for sale – NBC News

Like a petulant child who is told that he can’t get something he wants, baby Trump may hold his breath until he turns blue.

This article basically sums up the Trump presidency. He reaches for something he cannot reach 4 gets burned and pots. it’s amazing how Denmark was always the place that he would refer to as idyllic that along with Norway I don’t believe he understands that Denmark exists. They are idolized by him because he views them as a homogeneous population of blondes. He cannot be further from the truth. a visit to Norway would have opened his eyes as he would see that they have been welcoming to the stranger and have been able to assimilate a large influx of Asylum seekers into their society. Also, Norway would be a country he with the Clare as Communists although their socialist system is very fair. Norway always ranks at the top of countries for happiness index, longevity, education, and all-around well-being. Sure they pay high taxes but they don’t have to worry about whether they’ll have a roof over their head or whether their kids will get a good education without crippling debt or if family members will have to bear the burden of their funeral expenses. If you add up all the things that Norway gets in their socialist system you will see that they have a bargain. when you add up everything that we pay out of pocket including Healthcare the USA is no bargain.

So once again baby Trump goes out to the private quarters in The West Wing and acts the petulant child that he is.


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His dreams of owning Greenland are fading away.

Photo credit New York Post

The Obamas’ First Big Anti-Trump Statement of 2020 – POLITICO Magazine

The story of the Trump administration in regards to factory workers is simply put. Big promises made no Promises kept.

This is a sad story that’s being told across the US. Whether it’s the fox come plant in Wisconsin which is costing Wisconsin taxpayers $279,000 per job or the story about this Glass Factory taken over by China where employees have no Union, no job security, unsafe working conditions and lower pay.

I’ve been reposting something I saw on Twitter and basically it says “President Obama, please come home, the babysitter is weird.”.

Trump is going to do everything to make it seem like it’s not his fault, he is a master at blaming others for his feelings. The American people have to be educated by whomever the Democratic party nominates because this is going to be and this is not an overstatement oh, this is going to be the election that will change the course of American history. 2016 was the beginning but 2020 will either tear down what Trump has tried to do to our government or we will not recognize the country in 2025.


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Kellyanne Conway Falsely Claims Antifa Is Short for ‘Anti-First Amendment’ – The Daily Beast

Nobody in the Trump administration better represents the destruction of norms by this administration than Kellyanne Conway. That’s not hyperbole. She is a paid employee of the federal government. Yes, she is meant to give advice and counsel to a man who obviously doesn’t listen to anybody but himself. but she’s not meant to be the propaganda Minister for Trump and yet that’s exactly what she does on a daily basis.

Others in other administrations have had a similar position but none of them have ever taken up the mantle of lies like Kellyanne. Her lies come out as easily as her breath. She distorts truth and outright lies about it all the time. This is an administration that doesn’t have any real laurels to lay on its proverbial head. Sure they’ve got them too supreme Court justices who are most likely going to overturn Roe v Wade and they have brought in a slew of other judges more than prison Obama did in his whole eight years because of Moscow Mich. They gave a big tax cut to the rich and the rich are giving them their support.

It’s funny how Trump said today that the people of the United States are rich because of him. today I went to the grocery store and my checkout lady, Bertha, told me that at night the only thing they do is raise prices on everything because of the tariffs. this is heading home to everyone and if Trump who never has to buy a single thing for his fat body thinks that we are all rich perhaps the same kind of Rich that bankrupted him and all the businesses that he has failed in.


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Chris Wallace becomes Trump era’s ‘equal opportunity inquisitor’ – TheHill

I am not a fan of Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. He likes to hear his own voice and he’s a crybaby. His terrible performance during the Democratic debate in June is indicative of everything I’m saying. But I remember one Sunday when he lamented the fact that he could not ask probing questions has he feared not being able to book guests on the show if they thought he was going to be too difficult with them. And he took all of the other talk shows with them. All the other talk shows except for the one hosted by Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace has niver taken a backseat to a guest unwilling to answer questions. He probes and probes and always at the end of the day makes himself look like a fair person then someone that just sits there and plays that.

So week after week we get headlines from Chris Wallace’s show weather it been with one of the members of the current administration or people that come on and show 2 give the propaganda of the current occupant of the White House. He does not let them and asks question after question until they relent.

Perhaps the other talk show hosts should consider taking a book out of his page.

And while you’re at it MSNBC and NBC, perhaps you can find a replacement for Chuck Todd. He’d be great on today, a show I never watch.


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