Ryugyong Hotel: The story of North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ – CNN

When my good friends John and Sassy told me about the tower of Doom I thought that it was a joke. We were considering places where our current PRESIDENT could go once he left office I suggested that moving to North Korea would be ideal since he already has such a great relationship with Kim Jong Un.they are writing love letters to each other and it seems that Melania doesn’t mind, so what a perfect place for him to move to!

Best of all in our plan is that there is already a great hotel for Trump to put his name on. It’s called by the media the Hotel of Doom.

I envision the tRUMP Ryugyong Hotel to be the final stake in the Trump Empire. Originally built in 1987 during the Cold War it was meant to be part of a festival that was in competition with the Seoul Olympics. It was never completed and over the years it remained and still is the tallest unoccupied structure on Earth at 105 stories. Think of all the gold that could be least over this building to make it into a true Trump monstrosity.

This is a story that has to have a happy ending for both Trump and his love in North Korea.


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No Quorum At FEC Means Election Law Enforcement Is On Hold – NPR

If 2016 has taught us anything it is that we need to reform our system of electing officials especially those on the federal level.

Unfortunately the Federal election commission is not the vehicle we need to reform our election system. It was never meant to do anything other than to whitewash problems and make them go away. It’s a toothless agency that has minimal enforcement capabilities. So the uproar this week over the fact that they no longer have a quorum to even have a meeting seems like it could be the beginning of the end but in this case it’s the beginning of the beginning. I’ve watched the chairwoman of the federal election committee go on and on on all the text shows saying that they still have staff doing the behind the scenes work necessary to maintain election integrity. Unfortunately all of this means nothing.

let’s dissect how this Federal election commission works. First the President appoints the members from both parties. That should put a giant wait a minute in your head when I said that. Yes Trump would have to appoint a democratic member to the commission. But even if there is a fork or they have very few ways of impacting a candidate that does wrong other than through fines. They can’t overturn an election results because of malfeasance has we saw in the North Carolina examples. Only the state level was able to do anything in that case. Plus when members are appointed by a president and then have to be confirmed by the Senate you’ve got too many people whose Faith’s are on the line making the decisions on who is going to be on this commission. This whole system needs an overhaul.

We’ve always hoped that the courts would be protection for our election system. Unfortunately the courts are now being spent by Mitch McConnell and I don’t see how we are going to have affair jurisprudence system for a generation since the people than Mitch McConnell or putting in or middle-aged and have lifetime appointments. Removing a judge is difficult and because they are Judges they have the power to make things go away.

I don’t think that either the Democrats or the Republicans have the backbone to reform this broken system. The only way they would be reformed is if there is a worst-case scenario but unfortunately if there is a worst-case scenario I can’t trust that the power will still be in the hands of the people and then our country might be changed forever.


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FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died: source – Reuters

I really don’t have much to say on this subject. I do know one thing that if there was any mischief in Epstein’s death who would be more likely to have access to him in a federal jail? a president who has not been in office for almost 20 years or the current president that also has his own private Attorney General? Inquiring minds want to know. I am happy to see that the FBI is going to look into these cameras, it seems very strange to me that the two cameras looking down on Jeffrey Epstein were both broken at the time of his death. Did no one understand they had a high-value prisoner in Epstein? He had already tried to commit suicide allegedly two weeks before and it makes absolutely no sense that he was not better looked after. It’s a terrible jail with terrible terrible conditions including no air conditioning or heat but still we need to make sure that our prisoners are safe. 2 million US citizens are in prison right now and that’s just a ridiculous number.

Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly a very bad man. I hope those who survived him and had something to do with what has been alleged to these poor young women will find their date in front of a court, this is a very sad situation that only gets sadder by the day.


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Fox News Stars Push Back as Trump Demands Loyalty: We Don’t ‘Work for You’ – The Daily Beast

Do you remember when Fox News’s motto was fair and balanced?

Well maybe they’re going to make a comeback with that battle. As Trump goes off the rails literally, and attacks Fox News, is bastion of trump TV, it seems that Fox News hosts are striking back. back in the latter part of the campaign in 2016, the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, started talking to news executives about setting up Trump TV. they did not anticipate winning the election and thought that this would be a great way to parlay themselves some more cash into their coffers. But unfortunately Trump won and so Trump TV morphed into Fox News for Trump in any case.

This is not a which came first the chicken or the egg kind of case. Fox News made Trump possible. I refuse to watch that miniseries called the loudest voice because I won’t give Fox News that kind of time in my life. But I do think that the Democratic party ignoring Fox News is a mistake. How are we going to get people to hear our views if we stay within the bubble ? I think Tom Perez is making a big mistake by allowing a debate to happen on Fox News. For the small amount of commercials that happen during the debates is not a valid reason to stay away from such a large audience. Look, Fox News is still going to make money on the debates just a one-sided opinion of the debates and that’s not how to fix our democracy.


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Trump has not built single mile of new border wall since taking office – The Independent

Today’s news is filled with reports that Trump is furious that the border wall hasn’t even been started and he is scared that with the economy on a downward spiral this is going to be his one saving Grace. He actually told government officials to break the law to build the wall and he would pardon them. There are so many things to unpack in this one paragraph.

first the wall was supposed to be paid for by Mexico. Just as the tariffs were supposed to be paid for by China. Sound like a pattern here? The border wall is not the answer to our immigration problems. It’s not even a Band-Aid. The problem with our immigration issues right now is the fact that we have removed any funding to the Central American Statesthat are the reason that people are fleeing. We need to help their governments get themselves back on their feet and we will stop the flow. have you noticed there are not any Mexicans coming across the border because over the last 10 years, Mexico’s economy has flourished and now there’s no reason to go to a strange country to put food on your table.

The pardon power. I don’t think the founding fathers thought that we would ever have a president telling people to break the law and he or she would then pardon these people. this is ridiculous and if it had been something that President Obama even had mentioned in a private briefing with his own advisers the Republicans heads would have collectively exploded.This is illegal and should be a reason for impeachment.

The hypocrisy of the Republican party is becoming more and more clear. Mitch McConnell is truly Moscow Mitch and his blocking everything is putting our country at risk.

This is illegal and should be a reason for impeachment.

The hypocrisy of the Republican party is becoming more and more clear. Mitch McConnell is truly Moscow Mitch and his blocking everything is putting our country at risk.

Vote blue no matter who it is.


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The unfinished wall, this part was built under President Obama by the way.

Photo credit The Guardian

Trump Invents Fake Award From Gay Republican Group – OUT Magazine

This might get me in trouble but the way I see it being a log cabin republican is akin to being a Jewish Nazi. The Republican party has been anti-lgbtq from day one. If it were up to them there would be no marriage equality, and right now the lgbtq community is being assaulted by the Trump Department of Justice.

People tell me that gays and lesbians have made great strides in the last 10 years. That is true to a point but many don’t understand that just announcing that we are getting married could get us fired and there’s nothing to protect us in most states against that.

I used to be a club promoter and I heard that the log cabin Republicans no longer had a place to hold their meetings. I gave them that thank you for free. As far as I was concerned, although I thought that what they were doing was basically pissing in the wind, they deserved a place to hold a meeting in congregates.

The Trump administration is anti-gay, and the log cabin Republicans gave him no award.

So one more lie added on to all the lies that this present is said, what are we up to now? I think it’s about 13,000 since he took office. The White House Press corps his kind of relieved because each time he makes one of these weird statements like Melania has gotten to like and know the leader of North Korea, someone she’s never met, he says something else which then puts that story to decide and they don’t have to put out each individual fire just ride the wave I guess.

It’s obvious after this last G7 meeting that the United States is no longer the leader of the Free World. When Trump said he had German ancestry Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany grunt it. That’s not what one does to the leader of the Free World. We are laughing stock and you can thank the tangerine nightmare in the white house for it.

Make America great again? It was always great but he is certainly bringing it down more than a few notches.

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Steve King Is Broke And Has Been Abandoned by His Colleagues as He Runs for Re-Election – The Daily Beast

First some positive thoughts about Representative Steve King

Well, after that lively discussion of Steve King’s positive aspects, let’s go on to the negative.

He’s a racist

He is a white supremacist

He thinks that incest and rape created Western Civilization

He does not have positive views towards minorities and immigrants

His last Town Hall had only one person in attendance

Which brings me to why the GOP is running to the exits regarding this man. He’s exactly the kind of guy that on the ticket would help the Democrats in his Congressional district. And I’m talking about the Democrat on the top of the ticket. So don’t think that the Republicans have all found some sort of come to Jesus moment with him. They are far more calculating and this is transactional. He is like a drowning man who will take anyone he can with him as he drowns.

This is not a GOP profile in courage it’s the GOP turning on one of their own with views similar to the man at the top.


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Representative Stephen King, at first glance a man without a political party, but in fact the GOP harbor the same beliefs they just are more politically correct about how they do things.

Trump says he will approve ‘major middle income tax cut’ if GOP wins House, Senate in 2020 – TheHill

What president has ever said something like this? What did he do but openly bribing the American electorate. Sure politicians do it all the time but not with these kind of conditional promises.

he is unhinged, unfit and erratic. He scares me and he scares the rest of the world. I’m not sure when or if the giant corporations that run us will start worrying about him. Of course some of them are drooling for a war so we can buy new Jets, tanks and whatever other killing machines they’re willing to sell. but beyond that you would think that the fact he is destroying the fabric of our government would be worrisome. I’ve given up on the Republicans because the Republicans bought and paid for have the Democrats aren’t that much better to be honest.

Dark money is the issue here. The Koch brother can now do more damage and there is nothing to stop him.the Amazon is on fire and you can thank the Koch brothers for that in part. They have stripped cut Forest throughout the world including the Amazon to feed their pockets of Georgia-Pacific. Yes we need would but there’s ways of doing it using sustainable products with the Koch brothers don’t care all they wanted was to make as much money using up the resources of our dying planet.

Sono the liar in Chief is not going to give you a tax break, if he was going to give you a tax break if you do it right now. There’s a recession looming and he needs a tax break to the people-watching we will spend the money. So far the corporations who how are paying almost nothing in taxes now aren’t doing anything to stimulate the economy. Trickle-down economy is basically the way how liquid will trickle down your leg into your shoes, it is disgusting. The house would be more than happy to vote on a true tax reform bill which would increase the taxes on the rich and Lord for the poor but he’s not looking to do that nor will he.

He is the liar in Chief.


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Watch “FULL Real Time With Bill Maher 8/23/19 | Real Time With Bill Maher August 23, 2019” on YouTube

Watch the whole show but if you want to watch Bill ask the current occupant of the White House to Champion climber change then you’re in for a treat at 57 and a half minutes into the show.

Bill Maher pledges to be his supporter if he doesn’t want a t and embraces the fact that we are burning our planet away. This may be all funny but I was talking to a friend today and I don’t know how young people today can face the future. I’m 65 and I have maybe 30 years left if I’m really lucky but the worst of the worst won’t happen for 50 years and Bill Maher is right we need to do something and we need to do something now and if it means my voting for Trump if he embraces climate change then yes I will do that as well. But, unfortunately you know that if he embraces it today 5 minutes from now the Koch brothers will call him, oh I forgot, the Koch brother will call and tell him to change his tune or else.