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I’ve been watching news coverage mon amour ghost faces in the last few months. most of what I hear from the White House is so upsetting that it percolates into the rest of my life. That being said, I’ve been watching a show from Canada called the Murdoch mysteries. It takes place during a time of change during the turn of the 20th century. Cars were replacing horse and buggies, immigrants were coming into the country, and people were uncomfortable with the changes.

Change is uncomfortable but it is inevitable. The one thing that does not change is the fact that it doesn’t matter what color or skin is or what religion we are or who we love, we all knon prejudice. So when prejudice come screaming at us from the oval Office it’s unsettling to everyone unless they are die-hard racists. Sure that strategy might work for Trump with his 30 or so percent but it quicks to the core of the majority of Americans and it makes us feel if not squeamish downright discussed it.

Now he’s trying to walk back what he said but as this White House seems to want us to do they are telling us not to believe our lying eyes. He says that while his supporters were chanting those horrible words he was uncomfortable, the smile on his face does not look uncomfortable. But then again don’t believe your lying eyes.

From the day we understand that we are Americans we are told that this is a melting pot. We are proud of that and although others notably before World War I tried to turn the clock back it didn’t work. Make America great again was the slogan that the Nazi loving Charles Lindbergh tried to spew across the Nation. It did not work them and it will not work now.

I was discussing this with one of my wise friends, John, and we talked about how the rally in North Carolina was scheduled by Trump the same day they thought that Robert Mueller would be testifying in front of Congress and they thought that with his bully pulpit he would be able to wash some of what Robert Mueller had said about him. That plan failed but I guess you still thought it was a good idea to throw gasoline into a fire has this man in the White House seems to love to do.

It’s not just me anti-semitic and racist background of the make America great again slogan that bothers me, it has an assumption in it that America is not great already. Is that patriotic? Absolutely not.


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Support for immigrants is growing and most Americans welcome diversity.

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