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I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. I’m from Miami obviously a place that doesn’t have a lot of earthquakes. I have had be My Shake app on my phone which uses the sensors in your cell phone to give an early warning of an upcoming earthquake. Basically the idea is if all the phones in a given area starts shaking at the same time that’s an earthquake. It’s available on both iPhone and Android devices. all that being said I did not know that Los Angeles had its own alert system. turns out a half a million people did in the Los Angeles area and had it loaded up on their phones. The problem was that the threshold set to send out a warning was higher than what would have caused an early warning to the Los Angeles area on the 4th and 5th of July. look today I got six Amber alerts while driving so I understand why the city wanted to make sure that people did not get a lot of warnings about 4.0 earthquakes and below. Getting a lot of warnings makes people uninstall the app.

On the 4th I found out about the Los Angeles warning system and I installed it on my phone. They have been updating it every few hours since I installed it. I’m sure they’re tweaking it to make sure that what happened on the 4th and 5th of July 2019 is not repeated in the future. Earthquakes are weird, they’re not like hurricanes, something I’m very used to, they give him a warning and we don’t know that they’re coming so having an early-warning even 30 seconds would make life in an earthquake-prone area just a bit easier.

Hurricane Andrew in Miami on a Sunday in the middle of the night. On Saturday night I called a friend of mine and told him that we weren’t going out to the clubs at night instead we were going to go grocery shopping. He thought I was absolutely out of my mind. I spent $375 that they on food which was in today’s dollars maybe $1,000 worth. Turns out it was a great call because I had 10 friend stay with me for two weeks after the hurricane and we had food. so be assured that I have an earthquake preparedness kit here in my apartment. I have enough water, food and most importantly cat food to last a couple of weeks. I live in a new building and it’s rated at a 9.1 earthquake resistance but nothing is perfect. I also have earthquake insurance which is really inexpensive and anyone who does not have it should consider getting it now. It’s a state-run insurance that in my case cost about $100 a year. I just made $25,000 in coverage and also importantly $2,500 in expenses if I can’t live in my apartment after the earthquake. all this is just a way for me to be proactive and I hope that my readers Will follow My lead.


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Surface ruptures and offsets caused by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake are seen as the sun sets along State Route 178 between Ridgecrest and Trona California on June 6. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

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