El Paso migrant processing center so bad guards were arming themselves against possible riots – The Daily Mail

This is not the United States of America and then I am so proud of, this is the abomination that has become our country under the present occupant of the White House and his corrupt family.

Holding 155 people in cells that are meant for 35 we’ve only one toilet no running water for bathing. Guards telling young children if they want to drink they should drink out of a toilet. Guards posting on secret Facebook pages that they were happy to see a baby die in fact saying “he died, so he died”. What kind of coldness is this? members of Congress going to visit these horrific conditions were jeered at by individuals who are in support of the tyrant in the White House. This is out of control and I am so afraid that our country’s psyche will be stain for generations because of this. look how long it’s taken to Germans to get back from their horrors caused by the Nazis?

Putting this together with the Nazi atrocities is not hyperbole it is a fact.

I am very disappointed in speaker pelosi for caving in on the border bill that was passed last week. I understand that the Fourth of July break was coming but to cave to Mitch McConnell is inexcusable especially when it comes to this kind of situation.

Children are dying and we are doing nothing. How can we sit back and let this happen?


for full coverage from The Daily Mail including video and horrific pictures please click here

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