6.4-magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California – NBC News

I live in a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles. I’m on the 11th floor and at about 10:36 a.m. things started shaking and they continued for what I estimate to be about a minute and a half. It’s funny that it could be felt more in downtown Los Angeles than in areas that were actually closer to the epicenter of the earthquake in the Mojave Desert.

My cat Guava was sitting next to me on my bed and I immediately decided that I would cover her with my body to shield her from any falling wall hangings. she was not all that happy about it but I think she understood what I was doing. my other cat went under the bed and I have a metal frame so I knew he was safe. My Vue is over downtown Los Angeles but I specifically look down at two pools. The building next door is a much larger building than mine and their pool is very crowded. people just scurried off of the pool as quickly as possible at I guess to check what had happened in their own apartments. They left everything behind which is rare.

I reported the quake to the “I felt it” site at the US geological Service.

I’ve called all of my friends and everybody is safe and for that I cannot be more grateful.


for earthquake coverage from NBC News please click here

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  1. This was very interesting, but Do you have any thoughts about the califonia earthquakes recently? My mom lives down there and I’m pretty worried there will be more quakes. Looking forward to your reply! 🙂

    1. Hope that everyone gets the message and makes sure they have all of the necessary emergency supplies on hand. The next time we may not be this lucky. Thank you so much and I hope your mom is doing well.

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