House Intel Will Call Trump Org Moneyman Allen Weisselberg To Testify – Daily beast

I was telling one of my best friends John yesterday how I heard my last name on television for the first time in a British TV show. it was weird to hear my name especially my last name. And then yesterday all I heard was my first name. I pronounce my name Allen and not with the French pronunciation. In France I like my name to be pronounced with the French pronunciation Latin America when somebody speaking English it just sounds so pretentious. There was this guy who is dating a friend of mine and he kept calling me by my name in the French pronunciation, his name was Charles I told him I did not like that. He was a billionaire so he thought he could do it over and over eventually I started calling him Chuck. He hated it. The other thing about Alan as a name is that it has a multitude of spellings.

All right now that I’ve said my thing about my name I thought I’d bring up what the whole point of this post was. Allen weisselberg my Lord how many times was his name brought up in yesterday’s hearing in front of the house oversight committee. Michael Cohen must have said his name more than he did “mr. Trump”. we know that he’s been a cooperating witness but it doesn’t mean that he has some sort of immunity. And all right think that’s Mister Weisselberg would be very smart to do a Michael Cohen and just stop protecting the president and save his own neck. You know that Trump would not think twice about throwing him under the bus.


PS Trump org is the stupidest name for a corporation. Especially after the internet came on the scene and had the .Org standing for nonprofits. But of course Trump doesn’t use email or text. I wish h8 would stop using Twitter.

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As an aside, has anyone noticed how badly Trump Tower has aged?

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