North Koreans release humiliating video of incompetent Trump saluting North Korean general

In other administrations this would be a scandal. unfortunately we are so scandal-ridden with this Administration that even something as outrageous as this act just goes by as part of the daily crazy in the White House.


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The president of the United States humiliating our country by saluting the general from an enemy Nation. Can we say treason?

After Trump visit, Iraqi lawmakers demand U.S. withdrawal – CBS News

Is anybody surprised? who goes to a foreign country as the leader of the United States and doesn’t ask to see the leaders of that country, it’s a common courtesy. This is a president that we’re used to slapping everyone in the face, but doing it to our allies is now going to take us into perilous areas because the United States and its security are going to suffer because of this man.


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I’m sorry president Trump, you have bone spurs and therefore cannot be on the Thunderbirds TV show. Please go back to wardrobe and return the Thunderbirds outfit.

Sacha Baron Cohen: We Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During ‘Who Is America’ Taping, Notified FBI – Daily Wire

I remember watching the episode about pedophelia. He actually got Mormon Republican to argue with him that he wasn’t a pedophile. Sacha Baron Cohen kept saying that pedophile comes from the word loving of children and then he asked rhetorically don’t you love children? And the guy kept saying that I’m not a pedophile.

So happy that he was able to bring attention to this despicable business of the procuring underage children for those with the wealth to pay for it. It’s disgusting to me.


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Ryan’s legacy can’t escape Trump, and nor should it, they are peas in a pod – POLITICO

Paul Ryan has no legacy. This is supposed to be some math wizard what did they call him a policy wonk, no such thing, he’s a creature of politics. He hitched his wagon to Trump and now he is out on his own in Wisconsin. I wonder if he plans to run for president in 2020? What that be interesting?


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Speaker Paul Ryan allies also argue that he didn’t have a choice but to curb his criticism of President Donald Trump if he wanted to remain speaker. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

New Trump campaign ad asks supporters to call 1-800 hotline to thank him or NOT – TheHill

Would it not be fun to spread some holiday cheer to the man who has made our lives miserable for the last umpteen years.

I refuse to watch the propaganda video from the Trump campaign but the number that they had said was 1-800 hotline which takes you to some credit card protection scheme. I guess around Trump you should have your credit card protected.


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Here Are The Advertisers Sticking With Tucker Carlson – HuffPost

I remember the days I liked Tucker Carlson. Those were the days when he was a real reporter and not a mouthpiece for Trump TV.

These are 16 companies we should boycott and at all costs avoid. Reach out to their Twitter accounts and tell him how you feel. Tell them that you have been a customer in the past and give an example of the products you bought from them. Tell them what you’re going to do now that you know their feelings about immigrants.


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