Trump Administration Transgender Rights Proposal Opposed By Hollywood, Politicians – Deadline

When they say that President Trump has issues with the truth what they truly want to say is that he’s a big fat liar. I remember those 2016 rallies where he said how much he loves gays and transgender people and how he would protect them. So here’s how you protect them and comes up with some pseudoscientific way of testing for being a transgendered individual. Being gay, bi, transgender, queer is not in our DNA and stration that does not believe in science is now hypocritically using science against those they do not like. this is disgusting and I cannot even think about this tonight if I want to go to sleep.

This is the psychobabble that they are proposing:

Hollywood and politicians came together online today to voice their opposition to news that the Trump administration is considering limiting gender definitions to a label given at birth and determined by genitalia.
The department is backing adoption of a uniform definition of gender as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable,” and limit it to simply “male” or “female.” Any disputes would be settled by genetic testing

The Supreme Court is ruling for a generation, are federal courts are ruined for a generation, our ability to interact with each other is ruined for a generation and this is what he calls make America great. He’s making America a laughing stock and taking us back to the 50s.


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