Trump encourages boycott against Harley-Davidson – CNNPolitics

What are bikers for Trump going to ride? Perhaps they’ll take up Vespas or scooters? This must leave them in a quandary beyond all imagination. How are you going to take the Harleys away from the bikers for Trump? Well we’re going to see how loyal they are to the liar in Chief.

Then of course there is the problem of the economy. As the Terrace move into action China is closing off its markets to us. Insignia, the only American TV assembly manufacturer left says they’re going to move their hundred 26 jobs to another country because of the Terrace. And tariffs start a spiraling of inflation. For those of you who never lived with inflation, you have to understand it is Dreadful. Having survived 20 year. With rampant inflation I know. The problem is that although pay you checks do go up they never go up as fast as the cost of purchasing goods and services. And in this corporate climate I cannot imagine corporations giving their employees a dollar for dollar increase dependent on inflation.

Democrats are always inheriting terrible economic conditions and they turn them around. Whether it be President Clinton, President Obama or Governor Jerry Brown. Democrats had the only deficit-reduction budget in 1999 in the last 50 years. I don’t understand the American people. the Democrats hand them a beautiful economy and they go and shoot themselves in the foot by voting in a Republican.


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