Massachusetts Democrat calls for Clarence Thomas impeachment – POLITICO

Those of you too young to remember the Clarence Thomas hearings would have missed some of the best testimony in front of Congress by Anita Hill. She was compelling and truthful yet the Republican Congress decided to ignore her and allowed this unfit man to become a lifetime member of our Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas has not had his hand clean since he’s been in the Supreme Court. His wife it continues in to work companies that have business in front of the Supreme Court and yet never has thought to recuse herself. She has profited from having a husband on the Supreme Court and that’s not acceptable in American politics or government

Clarence Thomas is a disgrace to the Supreme Court and should be impeached.


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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ 1991 confirmation hearing was marked by sexual harassment allegations against him relating to his conduct at several federal agencies. Barbara L’Italien said she would file an impeachment resolution against Thomas for perjury during his confirmation hearings. | Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

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