EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Reviews Paul Manafort’s Fashion – The Daily Caller

Normally you would find a link at the bottom of this taking you to the article that this is based on. I won’t give The Daily Caller that much importance.

If Roger Stone, someone that’s still very close to Donald Trump is attacking Paul manafort on his fashion sense while he’s on trial I believe that this is an implicit attack on the individual Paul manafort. Rodger stone is a very shrewd operator and he would not put an article like this in a right-wing, Breitbart like website, if it were not for the consumption of the Trump base. They are bracing for Paul manafort to flip and making him an “enemy of the people” before he does.

Just in case you were interested here is what Rodger stone, that dresses like a clown thinks about Paul manafort’s suits from The Daily Caller:

Manafort’s style choices were generally wrong for his body type. His custom-made Italian suits never fit him properly largely because their svelte design was wrong for his built. Manafort had the view that if something was expensive that meant it was good. He wore $6, 500 suits that fit him badly.

Now, if Roger Stone would only look into the mirror and take his own advice and stop dressing like a clown.


Photo credit The Daily Caller

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