‘I don’t know how you survive this one’: Chris Christie on Pruitt’s condo deal – ABC News

The absurdity of putting someone in charge that wants to dismantle the organization he or she is put in charge of. That seems to be the continuing theme of the present White House. Rex Tillerson disemboweling the state department. Scott Pruitt hell-bent on destroying the planet that is his job to protect. A Secretary of the Interior that rides in on a horse on his first day but then turns precious Lambs over to gas producers. The secretary of education that hardly knows anything about a school. She said that she’s never been to a poor performing school and she tries to avoid them. That’s like saying if you’ve got a stomach ache you don’t go to the doctor cuz you really don’t want to know what’s going on. That’s how you get cancer. Like I said it’s a recurring theme.

The scary thing is that as scary as Scott Pruitt is who knows who’s going to replace him. This revolving door of mediocrity that is this White House and cabinet begins to fade away once faith been a government of the people and by the people. And I think that’s the point of this whole thing. Make us not believe in our government and they will have one. So we need to March, register to vote, and go out and vote in the primaries to make sure that the right candidates are leading the progressive agenda and then in November and turn out in numbers that we haven’t seen in Generations. This is a seminal moment in our country and unless we want to go down the road to Fascism we need to make sure that we take the reins of power back.


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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from a screenshot of ABC News

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