White House preparing for McMaster exit as early as next month – NBC News

I remember when 45 became president he kept talking about his generals. He had the best generals. Well it turns out other than General Kelly who has radical Neo-Nazi views in my opinion, his generals are not living up to Trump’s belief in total loyalty. He insist on his staff lying to the American people. Whether they be White Lies, gray lies or black lies they all matter all lives matter. So let’s see who he picks now as his replacement for General McMaster. I’m sure it’s going to be someone a very high quality, perhaps another wife beater.

One more thing, who announces that they’re going to get rid of someone in their organization and then let them stay in the organization for a month after the announcement? And general McMaster is someone of high quality but still there is always a Revenge motive.


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An example of one of the idiotic tweets that this President doesn’t seem to be able to stop. There is collusion in the Trump campaign with Russia and it’s all going to come out.

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