White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner’s family business – Wall Street Journal

It’s The Fall of the House of Kushner.

You don’t have meetings with foreign governments and then ask them in these meetings as a representative the United States of America’s government for loans. End of discussion. That’s when you go to jail.

Jared and Ivanka have used the White House in a way that no other family member has ever used the white house before. They are using it to enrich themselves and every way shape and form. Whether it be Ivanka meeting with the Chinese foreign minister and all of a sudden having business deals that all of a sudden appeared after her meeting. Jared Kushner with his building on six six six Fifth Avenue that has a 1.2 billion dollar mortgage due in less than 9 months is desperate for cash so he goes asking government while representing the United States of America. For that both of them should go to jail. These are not federal crimes these are also State crimes so Daddy cannot pardon them.

I don’t remember ever posting an article from The Wall Street Journal before and I think this is the beginning of the dismantling of this putrid White House. Rupert Murdoch once was a great supporter of trump and now he is doing this. The rats are jumping off the sinking ship.


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3 Replies to “White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner’s family business – Wall Street Journal”

  1. As serious as it is, I can’t help but laugh at the irony in th e address (666). The so called, number of the devil. In my student days, the prefix to call the University of San Francisco shared the same numbers. When attention was called to this, it was quickly changed.

    1. I’m not sure if one was able to shave the back of the head of Jared Kushner or Paul Ryan which one would have six six six on it. I think the ones on Jared Kushner would have lines under them to indicate they’re not Nunes. Thank you so much for you comment Léa.

      1. The whole lot should be 51/50’d, it is in the Health and Safety code for when someone is a threat to themself and/or others for psychiatric observation and treatment.

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