Trump’s March Madness endangers more than just the GOP – TheHill

Today is March 16th although if you go by the Congressional calendar where they celebrated send Patrick’s day yesterday, today is March 18th. Well let’s not go to another subject unnecessarily.

March, which still has a good two weeks to go has some interesting milestones in the rest of the calendar. The one I’m going to pin is Sunday March 26th. That’s the day of the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes. And if one is to believe her attorney, and by all accounts this man is a reliable and hard-working seeker of the truth, there’s going to be some fireworks. Has the opinion piece says this president is working on the idea that if he can do this tracted to the American people from the issues in the White House then he’s won the day. But will America survive? I am worried that he’s planning a war with Iran or even worst North Korea. He is done the bidding of his puppet master at the Kremlin and alienated are allies with unnecessary tariffs, hanging up phones in the middle of conversations with their leaders, making terrible tweets about them and I can go on for another 20 pages. We need to steadfastly look at the November midterm elections has the end of a marathon, which it will be. Once the house is in Democratic hands it will proverbially tie his hands up. And if the special counsel finds wrongdoing by this President then impeachment can begin.

March Madness used to be a marketing term by the television networks to make you tune into college basketball and now it has our country teetering on the brink of War.


for full opinion piece from The Hill please click here

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