Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military –

Without having a draft on the books how are the crazy man in the White House and mad dog Mattis going to fight the war they are craving with Iran and or North Korea? This is such hypocrisy. Those of you who think that this makes America great again remember when he said on the campaign trail that he would not hurt gay and lesbians? He said he loved the lgbtq community even though he can say it very well it was like you never said it before. I’m sure he never had said it before. For someone who grew up in Studio 54 and Palladium days of New York he sure has become a bigoted ass.

For somebody who took six deferments because of some alleged bone spur in his foot he sure has it up his ass. He should respect those who wish to serve in the military and not demonize them as it was put in the statement by his shrill press secretary saying that transgender individuals are diseased.

He is destroying this country and everything we stand for one brick at a time. We must stop him.


for full article from The Hill please click here

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