South Koreans express skepticism over Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un – NBC News

This is what happens when you have a reality star as the President of the United States. And not just a reality star but one that has colluded with the Russians and knows it. So he’ll do anything including headstands if he was physically able to distract the American people from the Russian investigation. So you headstand let’s talk to the North Korean leader. He jumped at this so quickly that the South Korean and voice who came to the White House were in shock. You could tell that they look like they were doing a hostage video when they were outside the White House in the driveway making the announcement that the president of the United States would meet with the North Korean leader.

Surprise surprise surprise we may have a problem Houston. This was one of the more idiotic things that this president has done and he’s done a lot of idiotic things. We don’t have anyone in the state department in charge of North Korean Affairs. We don’t have or even have nominated an ambassador to South Korea. We are so ill prepared for these talks and we completely forgot about how Japan would feel about this. Yes Japan, the country that has been our friend since the mid-1940s and has steadfastly stood by our side. Well, at least he didn’t give away the farm when he was in North Korea


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I only show half of 45’s face on purpose

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