Sam Nunberg, Fmr. Trump campaign aide after meet with Mueller says Trump did something wrong

You rarely see on television someone who is being subpoenaed by Grand Jury come on the air live and say for all to hear that they are not going to comply with a grand jury subpoena. Well in fact that happened this morning California time, on MSNBC in an interview with Katy tur. Sam nunberg a former campaign aide for Donald Trump says that he will not comply with grand jury subpoenas. And he is to appear on Thursday. He claims that he does not want to reveal text messages between him and Steve Bannon and others. He complains that this whole process is bankrupting people. Well, if you thought that things were fishy it was your duty as a citizen to go in and say so to the authorities. But instead you stayed quiet and now you cry foul.

Further he says that after being questioned by the special prosecutor he got the feeling that the special prosecutor has something on President Trump. That put a spring in my step today. On a day that I hear that our secretary of state has had a hundred and twenty two million dollars how to fight infusions by the Russians in our elections and has spent nothing. The only reason it’s even in the state Department’s budget is because it was forced upon him by the two congressman who budgeted this money in the first place. This is a White House clearly bent on doing Putin’s bidding. Everything they’ve done from the trade War to refusing to do anything about the 2018 elections to the candidate himself asking for Russian Aid in unveiling Hillary Clinton’s emails all point to collusion and more importantly to obstruction of justice.

Today’s Revelations by Sam nunberg lend Credence to why the special prosecutor must continue his work.


Screenshot from MSNBC March 5th 2018

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