Manafort could face ‘rest of life in prison,’ judge says – POLITICO

This man should have never even been a thousand miles from the White House. He is a Russian infiltrator through and through. He is backed dictators in Eastern Europe and has tried to remake their Persona into one that looks like him actually. I hope they throw not just the book but the whole encyclopedia at him. In my eyes he is a traitor and there’s no other words for this man. I’m happy that the judge is making it quite clear to him that he is never going to see the light of day once this trial is over. The judge clearly statEd that the evidence is overwhelming in this case and that manafort is a man of great wealth and could flee so two ankle bracelets it is and the only time he can leave his condo is to go to doctor’s appointments and visit his lawyers and of course Court appearances.

He’s already a prisoner.


Politico please click here for full article

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