Trump inaugural committee paid $26 million to friend of Melania Trump – CNBC

For a major part of my life I was an event planner, whether it be for volunteer events or events that war for commercial bases. 1.6 million dollars is a huge fee for an inaugural. And then to boot it’s to someone who is in a close friendship with the First Lady. This white house has never had and will never have any Scruples about how they do business. It’s how they can line their pockets and the pockets of those who are in theory loyal to them. what we have learned is that the Loyalty vanishes the minute there is no more profit motive involved. Look at Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and the latest reince priebus and the way they have attacked this President and his white house once they left. Mike Pence is putting himself into quite a little box here pushing the lies of the president over and over again. He thinks he’s going to be president, he believes God wants him to be. I think the people will overrule that.


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The two first ladies and their husbands – Photo credit Getty Images

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