Railroad agency’s acting chief resigns amid questions about his employment – POLITICO

I remember during the summer of 2016 Trump supporters chanting lock her up and drain the swamp. I would take that swamp any day compared to the landfill that we now have as a government. The stench of political appointments is now making it impossible for this government to work correctly. Whether the individuals are wife beaters or have made stock trades to make themselves rich or in this case working two jobs at the same time it’s amazing how this Administration has been incompetent in their ability to find the proper people for positions.

I have to assume that the good candidates for positions in the government are looking the other way. Why would one want to ruin their resume with the stain of working for 45.


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A former Federal Railroad Administration employee also told POLITICO this week that she had fielded at least three requests from a Mississippi TV journalist seeking to speak with Hall last summer – POLITICO

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