Democrats expand battleground, target 101 GOP seats – NBC News

I consider myself a pragmatist. So 271 days before elections are to happen is not a place that I’d like to make predictions about. That being said I believe that the mood of the country is energized and looking to get back to some form of normality. This President and especially this party has gone bankrupt. What is happened to the party of Law & Order? We’ve been attacked in the most important part of our democracy, our elections, and the Republicans say and do nothing. This is very short-term because what’s happening with the Republicans today can easily happen with them regrets and some other election.

I have one more question for this Administration. Why have you not put into place the sanctions that voted on by over 500 members of Congress and signed by you ? Russia has a strange grip and control over this presidency and it is time for us in the resistance to go and make sure that everyone we know and every part of the country votes and votes the way they believe. I’m not telling people to vote one way or the other I’m just telling him to go out and vote because having only half of the population making these important decisions is not the way for the democracy to thrive.

I hope that the Democrats can reach this lofty goal and that the Senate goes into play because without the legislative branch behind the resistance we have lost.


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Steve Wynn steps down as CEO of Wynn Resorts amid misconduct allegations – NBC News

Oh how the mighty have fallen. He was a promoter very much in the mold of 45. When the Wynn Resorts open in Las Vegas we and Los Angeles when were bombarded by had of him standing on top of his hotel. It’s a 60-story building and I’m sure they will not let him anywhere near the ledge anymore.

I am never happy when someone is in a bad place but in this case I will make an exception. This man used his position of power to hurt and harass and do all kinds of horrible things to women in the last 40 years. And to quote Ivanka Trump, there’s a special place in hell for people like him.


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I am sure they will never let him near a Ledge again.

House panel backs release of Democrats’ memo on FBI – POLITICO

I vote that the new hashtag should be #ReleaseTheTruth.

I don’t have numbers to back this up but I’m sure if you had asked Republicans after 911 if they trusted the FBI they would resoundly say yes at least 90% would say yes. In the latest poll only 39% of Republicans trust the FBI. That is the damage that this president has done to our country in the last 2 years. He has sown the mistrust throughout the government and has put unqualified individuals into positions of power and influence. You’ll be remembered, but he’ll be remembered like no other president has been in the past, a dark stain on the American historical line. The only Silver Lining, is that he has not influenced the Millennials and they are Our Hope For America to return to what it was before 45.


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The Democratic memo is expected to remain secret while Trump reviews it, but its lead author, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), has said it will provide a point-by-point rebuttal to the Republican version | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Former Trump adviser called himself adviser to Kremlin in 2013 letter: Time | TheHill

In the picture below, it’s not a trick of Photoshop or some green screen that Carter Page and standing in front of, he is standing in front of a Kremlin sponsored event in Moscow where Carter Page spoke ill of the United States. He is been on the radar of our counterintelligence agencies for years now. And well he should be. So all this hoopla about his fisa warrant being illegal is nothing but a bunch of hot air. It’s just red meat that they’re throwing to the 29% that still believe in 45. Carter page is not some goofball as he would like us to think in his interviews and wearing that silly hat. Carter Page is a PhD and is smarter than he wants you to think. This man is not a friend of United States and should be looked upon with the same size one looks upon a traitor. In this case he’s a traitor to the ruble because he is bought and paid for by the Kremlin.

So when Fat Nixon thinks that he can hide behind Devin Nunes and his memo he is so wrong. Even the memo says that in its last line George Papadopoulos was the reason for the fisa warrant and it had nothing to do with the Steele dossier.

This White House from the campaign to the transition to its current makeup is bought and paid for by the Kremlin. Why else would 45 not impose the sanctions that over 500 members of Congress voted for. Just to give you an idea there’s a total of 535 members of Congress. The Congressman Dana Rohrabachers of the world who also are paid for by the Kremlin voted against it but very few others did.

Foreign countries are referring to 45 as Putin’s poodle wow what a difference from what we were under President Obama.


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This picture from Russian propaganda arm Sputnik tells more than a thousand words could. There is Carter Page betraying his country.

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Black History Month; It Didn’t Go Well – The Root

Talk about living in a bubble. Ivanka Trump thinks of herself as a feminist and yet she condones her father’s terrible Behavior towards women. Ivanka Trump thinks of herself as an enlightened person but ignores the fact that her father is a racist who tries to make nice with white supremacist. Ivanka Trump should look in the mirror once in awhile and not do it because she’s putting on her makeup.

Honestly, it would have been better if she kept to her fashion business and stayed out of the ugly politics of this White House. But she and her husband seem to be drawn to power like a moth to Flame. I guess she’s willing to put up with her father’s saying that he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter because he is the route to her power.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that Martin Luther King would be surprised at what’s happening in our country right now. He was a student of history and understood how the pendulum swing back and forth. After the Civil War there was a period where people tried to make up for the evils of slavery but does pendulum swing right back. And then after President Johnson set the Civil Rights Act people started erecting Confederate statues all over the South.

May the pendulum swing back and hard against this vile president.


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I’m not sure if it’s true, but perhaps this is when 45 was pointing to his African American. Photo credit Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Michelle Obama to frightened Americans: ‘All we have is hope’ – TheHill

Oh, how I long for the days of the Obama Administration or even George W bush it’s amazing how a year under this regime has changed our country. I have hope lava but unfortunately Each Day My Hope Fades a little more. Today with the release of this infernal memo it becomes clear that the next step is firing Robert Meuller.

So the breath of fresh air coming today on Ellen DeGeneres Show through Michelle Obama is welcomed. It’s still muc going to be on for another 2 hours here in Los Angeles but I can’t wait to watch it. I have stopped watching Ellen DeGeneres years ago but for Michelle Obama I will make an exception.


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The Peril of Taking on the FBI (will 45 ever understand ?) –

Would someone please explain to me what in God’s name has happened to the grand old party? This is the party that stood for Law and Order and family values. Now it stands for Russian collusion and a complete disregard of the American fabric and quilt that makes up our great country. If you thought that citizens united would not have a major impact on our political system I guess we now know that it has. Money and its corrosive corruptive impact is now turning one of the great put a local parties of our country into a cowering and colluding force. Money talks and BS walks is the motto of the Republican party now.

There are so many analogies that can be used here. Whether it be the Scorpion riding on the back of a frog or the drowning man who pulls his Rescuer Down Under with him, 45 is pulling the Republican Party under with him and I believe that this is going to have repercussions on this party for Generations. This is unlike what happened in Watergate because in Watergate it was one man who was corrupt. Now we have not only the president’s but his whole party becoming part of this conspiracy. I am not and have never been a conspiracy theorist but why is Russia never spoken about in this White House?

Yesterday, amidst all The Barrage of information that comes out from this White House one little piece went unnoticed by the General Public. 45 has decided that 500 members of Congress and his signature means nothing because he announced that he will not be pursuing the sanctions that Congress has put upon the Russians for what they did to our elections in 2016. So when you hear no collusion no collusion no collusion coming out of 45 mouth know deep down in your heart he is a liar.


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Photo credit Jonathan Ernst – Reuters