Ivanka Trump: Arming teachers an option that ‘needs to be discussed’ – NBC News

Before I start I wanted to make a little bit of a commentary. Looking for a picture of Ivanka Trump online I noticed up Larissa of pictures of her that were of a sexual nature. I’m not sure if it’s because her father has made comments about her and how he would like to date her if she wasn’t his daughter or if it’s a commentary on our time. I found them to be distasteful.

That being said, who elected her?

If Chelsea Clinton 1 year into President Clinton’s presidency, albeit she was a teenager, would be making these kind of comments the Republican Party would have been in an uproar. Let’s be honest here, Ivanka Trump is not an elected official. She should not be speaking for our country to foreign leaders. She should not be making policy judgements on behalf of the United States. Is she some sort of school safety expert that I’m not aware of?

I have some close friends that are teachers and I can tell you they don’t want to be policemen. If they wanted to be in law enforcement I believe they were smart enough to have gone into that field. To think that a teacher should be given the responsibility of Defending a class with a gun is beyond words. Case in point arms police officers in Parkland on several occasions decided not to confront the assailant who was wielding a military weapon. A handgun is no match for a military weapon.

So please Ms. Trump-Kushner, continue making your clothing in China, Bangladesh and wherever you can find the cheapest labor and stay out of policy for this country and for our school children. Perhaps you might want to spend time with your husband while you still have them at home.


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As you can see, I chose a much more dignified picture. I wonder if a right-wing blogger would have given the same courtesy to First Lady Obama.

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