Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed Me. Yes, He Should Be Impeached. – HuffPost

The drum beat for the case to impeach Clarence Thomas it’s starting to grow. The me-too movement has given more weight to allegations made by those who have worked with Clarence Thomas. The New York Magazine article entitled the case for the impeachment of Clarence Thomas lays out a very good argument why this man should not be allowed to remain in the Supreme Court.

People often ask me what are we going to do about Trump? And I say the only thing we can do is to make sure we go out and vote and vote in large enough numbers that whatever the Russians are going to try to do us in 2018 they can’t succeed. Because unlike the Republicans of the Nixon era these Republicans are fed, I’ll say it breastfed, by the money’s of the different lobbyists that control them like puppets on a string. I’m not saying the Democrats are better but Democrats get more money from individuals then the Republicans could ever dream of. The Democrats have not been in power and as such are not the target of lobbyists the same way the Republicans are. Mitch McConnell and his imaginations over the 1 year delay in putting a replacement in 4 Supreme Court Justice Alito tells you much about how Republicans cheat. The only way Republicans win is by gerrymandering, and cheating as much as they possibly can a system which thought that are public servants would actually serve the public.


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