{THE MCCONNELL SHUTDOWN}Government funding expires but next step unclear – POLITICO

I just heard the most cynical man on Earth say that what the Democrats have done is cynical.

We are a country without a president. If we had a president he would be leaving us now. Instead some Minion in the White House puts out a press release saying that we will not be held hostage to negotiations to help innocent young people remain in the only country they have ever known. Shame on the president shame on the Republicans.

And let’s be clear this is the first time that we have a governmental shutdown when both houses of Congress and the presidency are in the same parties hands. They don’t know how to govern. They didn’t know how to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they don’t know how to build a wall, they barely were able to eat out a tax reform plan which just put the cherry on the cake for all the richest people in the country.

I have friends who work in the government who are now furloughed and have no idea how they’re going to make ends meet. I have friends who rely on the governmental Services which are now than I’d. Our country needs the CDC to continue its research on flu vaccines. Our country needs the IRS to give out the lifeblood of this country income tax refunds. But the Republicans have no idea how to govern. And that’s the sad truth.

I pledge here that I am going to be donating to whoever runs against Tom Cotton and make sure that that man, that Hateful man is not ever elected again even to dog catcher


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As the McConnell governmental shutdown begins

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