Past Presidents Volunteered On MLK Day. Donald Trump Is Spending It At His Golf Club – Huffington Post

Donald Trump made a cottage industry of criticizing President Obama. What he criticized President Obama most for was the fact of President Obama would play golf on the time he had off from the White House. He said that President Obama should not be out playing golf while the country had problems. Well, first of all President Obama took office when our country was Free Falling Towards a depression. President Obama needed time off and took a whole whopping 29 days of golfing during his first year in office. 45 on the other hand has taken 127 days to golf during his first year.

The only volunteering I have seen is when 45 went to Texas and gave some Jell-O two people after the hurricane and his most famous was throwing rolls of paper towels at a crowd in Puerto Rico that certainly needed more than just paper towels. Those people needed food. Those people needed power for their homes and freshwater to drink. Those people still need our help but instead of helping 45 goes out and plays another round of golf.

I have said this before on my blog. Hypocrisy what is thy name? Thy name is Donald J Trump.


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