Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure – Axios

I had my doubts about an FBI director picked by 45 but I have to say that so far so good. I believe that the FBI as an institution makes the director understand how important it is to our country. These inferences sent out by the White House and its minions about the corruption within the FBI is bad for our country. I believe the New FBI director understands this and is doing everything in his power to protect the FBI and its reputation.

The present occupant of the White House, I won’t say his name, acts the same way as the dictators around the world he’s so in love with. Maybe he should have been born in another country and perhaps without the power of the Constitution protecting the United States He Could Have Become a dictator. Perhaps he can pick a country somewhere in the world and he can move there and become their dictator but the US is off limits.


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Sessions and Wray at Wray’s installation as director. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

{Trump Whines}: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss (‘My Party’) – The Daily Beast

Poor Donald, he can’t have his party. Now he’s pouting and whining and tweeting away while he watches our government shutdown. He met with Chuck Schumer yesterday for flowers and came to an agreement but he doesn’t know how to leave anybody he’s never had to leave anybody. It’s clear from his business record he doesn’t know how to do deals he is incompetent. All he cares about is going tomorrow Largo and getting a hundred fifty thousand to $250,000 a head for his reelection and also some of it goes into his pocket because he owns or should I say the Russians own the venue.

So on the one-year anniversary I’m going to go to the streets and walk side by side in the women’s March. We As Americans need to tell this President and this corrupt GOP. We will not stand for this. March we will and March we must.

The Trump shutdown continues…


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ANDREW HARRER – The Daily Beast

{THE MCCONNELL SHUTDOWN}Government funding expires but next step unclear – POLITICO

I just heard the most cynical man on Earth say that what the Democrats have done is cynical.

We are a country without a president. If we had a president he would be leaving us now. Instead some Minion in the White House puts out a press release saying that we will not be held hostage to negotiations to help innocent young people remain in the only country they have ever known. Shame on the president shame on the Republicans.

And let’s be clear this is the first time that we have a governmental shutdown when both houses of Congress and the presidency are in the same parties hands. They don’t know how to govern. They didn’t know how to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they don’t know how to build a wall, they barely were able to eat out a tax reform plan which just put the cherry on the cake for all the richest people in the country.

I have friends who work in the government who are now furloughed and have no idea how they’re going to make ends meet. I have friends who rely on the governmental Services which are now than I’d. Our country needs the CDC to continue its research on flu vaccines. Our country needs the IRS to give out the lifeblood of this country income tax refunds. But the Republicans have no idea how to govern. And that’s the sad truth.

I pledge here that I am going to be donating to whoever runs against Tom Cotton and make sure that that man, that Hateful man is not ever elected again even to dog catcher


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As the McConnell governmental shutdown begins

{SHAMED BY SEN. FEINSTEIN (D)} House panel releases transcript of interview with Fusion GPS co-founder – POLITICO

It’s amazing how transparent the GOP has become. I would love to play a game of chicken with them. Having been shamed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and her courageous release of the Senate interview of Fusion GPS founder now they release their interview. The fake news that the Fusion GPS dossier was paid for Hillary Clinton is a misnomer. Originally it was contracted by a republican opponent of trump. When Trump won the nomination, I am so sad to say, at that point the Fusion GPS people shopped it to the Hillary campaign. I wish we could get this story straight but as with everything in this White House that lies 5.6 times a day the truth is out there but not coming from the White House.


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Glenn R. Simpson, co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS appeared before a closed House Intelligence Committee. | Pablo Martinez Mosivais/AP Photo

Inside Obama’s midterm campaign plans {and his plan not to energise Trump base} – POLITICO

Will President Obama energize the Democratic base or energize the Republicans that hate him so much. In my experience President Obama is the kind of guy who plays three-dimensional chess. He will choose which states he will go to and who you will endorse so that it does not bleed into those who have this weird hatred for him. President Obama kept us out of depression I wonder what it’s going to be like in 4 years after this inept Administration. So at the end of the day I believe the Democrats are going to have a wave election and President Obama will be unimportant reason for people to come out and vote.


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Barack Obama is determined not to become the foil that he can see President Donald Trump clearly wants, and resist being the face of the Resistance for his own party. | Martin Bureau/Getty Images ( From POLITICO)

Facebook is a ‘living, breathing crime scene,’ says one former tech insider – NBC News

My friends, family and my regular readers know I’m no conspiracy theorist. But a conspiracy theorist works on evidence that is at best sketchy. Here we are in 2018 knowing that Facebook took ads against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign and was paid for these ads in Rubles. Rubles are the Russian currency and because of sanctions against Russia for its meddling and annexation of Crimea there are major restrictions about the use of that currency. Not being said I can understand how Facebook can look at us straight in the eyes and claim they had no idea this was from Russia.

Yes, Facebook is an active and living crime scene. I believe that it’s current PR campaign claiming that it plans to reduce the number of paid ads and increase the number of postings from friends and family is just a knee-jerk reaction to what they knew was going to be coming out in the media. This information is damning and we as Facebook, and former Facebook users, need to speak out to our Representatives about this. Yes Facebook has a quarter of the world’s population and its ecology but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be brought down.


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Spy Agencies Around The World Are Digging Into Trump’s Moscow Ties – BuzzFeed

If you watched tonight’s Rachel Maddow you saw a story about secret money and how Trump made Millions selling condos to unknown buyers. He also found out that the financial investigative branch of our government warned real estate. companies not to do business with unknown buyers or cash only buyers without full vetting because they were most likely maundering money.

You think that stopped the current residence of the White House? Of course not, he makes a Ferengi look like someone who is working for a not-for-profit. Sorry about the Star Trek reference, just so you know Ferengi czar individuals in the Star Trek universe that consider making money there highest form of importance. So it’s not all that surprising that now spy agencies all over the world are ready to Blackmail our president.

By the way, one of the Prime blackmailers is the dictator of Kazakhstan. And by chance he’s coming to the White House tomorrow for a private meeting with 45. I wonder how that’s going to go? I can’t wait till 2020 and we get rid of this man.


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Screenshot from Rachel Maddow Show January 15th 2018

Past Presidents Volunteered On MLK Day. Donald Trump Is Spending It At His Golf Club – Huffington Post

Donald Trump made a cottage industry of criticizing President Obama. What he criticized President Obama most for was the fact of President Obama would play golf on the time he had off from the White House. He said that President Obama should not be out playing golf while the country had problems. Well, first of all President Obama took office when our country was Free Falling Towards a depression. President Obama needed time off and took a whole whopping 29 days of golfing during his first year in office. 45 on the other hand has taken 127 days to golf during his first year.

The only volunteering I have seen is when 45 went to Texas and gave some Jell-O two people after the hurricane and his most famous was throwing rolls of paper towels at a crowd in Puerto Rico that certainly needed more than just paper towels. Those people needed food. Those people needed power for their homes and freshwater to drink. Those people still need our help but instead of helping 45 goes out and plays another round of golf.

I have said this before on my blog. Hypocrisy what is thy name? Thy name is Donald J Trump.


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Facebook’s startling new ambition is to shrink – The Verge

Last November I decided it was time to cut the cord with Facebook. Believe it or not I had extra time on my hands so I started walking around my neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles which then led to my going to the gym which then led to me watching what I ate. Well since November I have gone from 224 pounds to 190 today. I am bench pressing as much as I did when I was in my 30s and I am 63. I can’t say that leaving Facebook was the only reason but it was a beginning.

I think I’m not the only one who has decided that Facebook was not a place they wanted to frequent anymore. I have posted the article that I wrote on my blog when I left Facebook and deactivated my account on Twitter and it has been accessed a lot. I’m not sure if I’m going to go back to Facebook now that they’ve had this new revelation. I fear if I go back now they will just go back to their old ways. Hey, I’m not saying that I individually was the cost for this change in there trying to reach people through their social media platform. But just like cable companies are adjusting to people cutting the cord I think Facebook started noticing that people were deactivating their account.

Just in case you want to deactivate your account be ready for an onslaught of Facebook guilt. They will show you pictures of your friends that you are so called leaving behind. I reached out to all of those friends of mine who are on Facebook and told him that I wasn’t going to be there anymore but it didn’t mean that I did not want to stay in touch. Some have stayed in touch and some have not but that’s the price you have to pay to be confident in who are really your friends.

I’m not saying you’ll lose 35 lb but I know that you’ll have a lot more valuable time on your hands is if Facebook is not in your life. Spend that time with friends and family in the real world and I promise you you’ll be a happier person.

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