Federal judge temporarily revives part of DACA immigration program – NBC News

Once again this Administration and its unjust treatment of individuals is slapped down by the courts. This is why the court system is so important in our country. We have three branches of government and the courts make sure that the executive and the legislative branches do not overstep their Authority. You will hear the GOP talk about Judges that make rulings as judges death deny the other branches of government their rights. That only is an argument they use when the ruling goes against their best interests. And for too long now their best interests have not been with the American people but with corporations and the wealthy. The GOP needs to rethink its whole attitude towards civil rights and the American people and their right to Justice.

As we well know, the DACA recipients are not the criminals that the current occupant of the White House claimed War coming across our borders but have been here all of their lives through no fault of their own brought here by their parents. They are as American as we are. They deserve the right to live in freedom without the threat of some civil Authority coming and rounding them up.


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Immigrants’ rights activists rallied to defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in Washington in August. Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA file

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