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Poor Donald, he can’t have his party. Now he’s pouting and whining and tweeting away while he watches our government shutdown. He met with Chuck Schumer yesterday for flowers and came to an agreement but he doesn’t know how to leave anybody he’s never had to leave anybody. It’s clear from his business record he doesn’t know how to do deals he is incompetent. All he cares about is going tomorrow Largo and getting a hundred fifty thousand to $250,000 a head for his reelection and also some of it goes into his pocket because he owns or should I say the Russians own the venue.

So on the one-year anniversary I’m going to go to the streets and walk side by side in the women’s March. We As Americans need to tell this President and this corrupt GOP. We will not stand for this. March we will and March we must.

The Trump shutdown continues…


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ANDREW HARRER – The Daily Beast