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Okay, the Golden Globes are over and yes Oprah should be president. Now let’s get back to reality.

Watching Stephen Miller interview with Jake Tapper on CNN is truly a grotesque political performance. It’s amazing he never said Heil Trump. I rarely ask that my readers go to the link that I comment about but this time I’m asking you to do so because it lists 24 misstatements that are the exact reason why this white house is so toxic. Is this White House a cult? It’s really frightening. And it’s important that we make sure that our voices are heard loudly.

Steven Miller had to be escorted off the set of CNN’s Jake Tapper show. Can you remember when this happened under any other president? I can’t and I’m 63. It’s a Cavalcade of clowns and you know how frightening clowns can be.


I urge you to click here to read this CNN opinion piece

Screenshot from January 7th 2018 State of the Union CNN program