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Steve Bannon aka the Grim Reaper, likes to think of himself as a master political operative. In fact he’s nothing but a political hack. He let the stories go for as long as he thought it could damage the president and then pulls back because he saw his backing crumbling underneath his feet. There’s no loyalty in this man other than to himself. He’s not loyal to our country he’s loyal to his ideology of white supremacy and hatred for all those that don’t look or think like Steve Bannon.

It’s amazing how he let the quotes that the actions of Don Jr were treasonous let fly through the Airways for almost a week but now it’s saying that Don Jr is a loyal American. Loyal Americans do not meet with Russians trying to get election dirt on a political opponent. We leave that to Vladimir Putin not to the son of the president of the United States. No one in that white house with any power is loyal to anyone but themselves.

What scares me the most is not the fact that there may be hey Mike Pence presidency. What scares me the most is that there may be a Paul Ryan presidency. Mike Pence has hands as dirty as anyone else in that white house. Let us not forget that he was in charge of the transition and he knew everything that was happening in that white house because the chief of staff reince priebus was a useless tool. All this talk about the 25th Amendment is making Paul Ryan very happy. Paul Ryan would be next in line after Mike Pence. Paul Ryan thinks that he can get reelected in 2020 if Trump and Pence are out of the way. If there ever has been a so-called Antichrist figure to me it’s Paul Ryan. He scares me to death. His Charming good looks hide someone who wants to destroy the entitlements of our country and its government. 

The one thing that really bothers me about this talk about deficits is that I don’t know anyone. And I don’t understand why United States need to worry about deficits when in fact we enjoy the highest credit rating. Let’s worry about the waste in the defense department before we worry about hurting those who have paid into Social Security and unemployment insurance. Enough is enough.


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