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George Papadopoulos was described by one of his professors as not being the smartest one in the class by far. But then 45 seems to want to surround himself with mediocrity. We have a secretary of education who doesn’t know how to spell. We have a Secretary of Energy who did not know he was supposed to be in charge of the country’s nuclear weapons but perform on Dancing With the Stars. And the list goes on and on, let’s not forget our secretary of Hud who seems to always be falling asleep and losing his luggage.

Let’s get serious now. Collusion has been a part of this Administration and it’s campaign from the start. Sure there’s no law against collusion but there is a huge law regarding obstruction of justice and that’s where the special counsel is pointing his laser at. 45 doesn’t seem to understand that. I don’t really understand how these people thought things were going to fall. Did they not realize they were running a presidential campaign in the United States of America? Publicly asking Russia for help with Hillary Clinton’s emails didn’t seem a little bit out of bounds? Asking loyalty from his cabinet members and a weird Kim Jong-un way just does not seem very American. This whole Administration is not very American. It’s time that’s we the people stand up against them.

The Democratic party is in need of money. Their coffers are empty. I did my part please do your part. We need to defeat this man and his whole way of doing business with our government and our freedom.


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George Papadopoulos was working as an energy consultant in London when the Trump campaign named him a foreign policy adviser in early March 2016.

Credit via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images